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Question #77092 posted on 04/05/2014 9:48 a.m.

Dear 100 Hour Board,

Who's the most famous person you've met in person?

-Famous Fanny


Dear friend--

I think I met Harry Reid as a teenager (I recall shaking his hand prior to him giving us an after-hours tour of the Capitol), but other than him, I've met Rudy Giuilani, Michael Steele, and Elaine Chao. Man, and some other former presidential candidates (not that Steele or Chao were presidential candidates). And a lot of the experts that show up on the news. Before I pulled the whole SAHM thing, I spent a LOT of time with the political class. Fun times.

- Lexi Khan


Dear Famous,

Once upon a time I went to San Diego Comic-Con and hugged Felicia Day and Patrick Rothfuss. Both of them also praised me for the shirt I was wearing on the day I met them. The shirt Felicia loved, custom illustrated by a friend, looked like this:

CartoonPrincess copy.jpg

It was magical.



Dear Oregano,

If you just want famous Mormon people, I have the First Presidency and Twelve and then a few other random Mormon celebrities in the mix, but I'm pretty sure they aren't universally the most famous.

In the Broadway world I've met tons of really cool/famous people. One time Lexi Khan and I had a Broadway Weekend where we just saw shows and stage doored and we met many people, but the most famous was John Travolta who signed my playbill (we didn't even see the show, just stage doored it). I also met SMASH stars Christian Borle, Will Chase and guest star Bernadette Peters at stage doors.

Other than that, I randomly met Al Gore and, [swoon*] David Archuleta.

-Marguerite St. Just

*The swoon is for all my friends and coworkers with crushes. It is not a swoon from my heart.


Dear Famous,

As a small child, I was in Donny Osmond's ward, and that might be the best I've got. (Maybe I need to get out more.) 

~Professor Kirke


Dear Famous Fanny,

Of the people I've actually met (as in, shaken hands and gotten a picture), it's probably one of Bono, Bill Clinton, or Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner. (Who's the most famous in that group? I need a fame-o-meter!)

Of the people I've seen in person, either President Obama or Oprah; I heard both speak in audiences of about ~1000 people, but didn't meet either in person.

Of the people I know well, either Sheryl Sandberg (Lean In) or Orson Scott Card.

Of my long list of near misses, Tyra Banks, who visited my office the week before I started, or Kanye West, who visited the office and did an impromptu rap in our cafeteria...while I was on vacation. (Yes, I'm still bitter about that.)



Dear alliterative alias,

Fame is in the eye of the beholder.

One time, as a child, I met the lady who was the main news anchor in my city. I was awed.

Another time, I shook the hand of the governor of my state. It was for some scholastic award banquet thingamajig. The main thing I remember about that is that I was on crutches at the time, and his staff very nicely skipped me to the front of the line.

When I got the call that I was accepted onto the Board on probation, and realized it was Lavish talking, I actually dropped the phone in my excitement.

I met Brandon Sanderson at a book signing.

I accidentally met President Monson one time. But I was with four other Writers and a Reader at the time, so this isn't exactly a unique experience on the Board.

Thrillingly, I got to attend an event where Orson Scott Card spoke, and then talk with him afterward.

Impressive, huh? Way better than those people no one has ever heard of, like Bono. Psssh. 

- The Defenestrator


Dear famous,

Ban Ki-moon (the Secretary General of the UN). I used to do some UN-related work in NYC, and I met him at an event there.

I've got a few of the Mormon variety, too, but I don't know if that counts. (Alex Boye, Bruce Olsen, John Longhurst, Sheri Dew, Natalie Hill, people famous in Church public affairs circles but not the wider population.) Also my mom used to be in the same FHE group as Moses Kinikini (The Biggest Loser), so he and his also-on-The-Biggest-Loser daughter Kaylee came to my wedding reception. All my Biggest Loser-fan friends were excited. (He is pretty cool, but I haven't really watched the show, so it was fun to me but not in the same way it was for my friends.)



Dear Famous Fanny,

My husband and I met Ty Burrell in IKEA in Draper when we were visiting family.  He was shopping for a lamp, and, apparently, he and his wife live near Draper.  Actually, my husband is the one who hung around until he was done talking on the phone so that he could actually meet him.  Turns out they both went to Penn State, and he even took a picture with him.

Also, a week ago, Jimmer Fredette was in our ward's sacrament meeting.  Again, my husband went up to him after church to apologize for staring (he was trying to figure out if it was really him) and they talked for just a few seconds.  Then he told his co-workers that he'd just met Jimmer, and they all pretty much were ready to join the church on the spot.

OK, not really, but they were really excited about it.

Basically, my husband is really good about going up to and meeting people that he might maybe sort of recognize, and I'm much more likely to wave politely while wrangling our children from afar (at least when they're around).  

-Novel Concept


Dear Famous Fanny,

I met Tim Geithner today.

Before today: Ban Ki-Moon, David Stern, Larry Summers, Christine Amanpour, and almost every famous former BYU athlete.



Dear Famous ~

Not many.  President Monson. One of the Miss USA's, though I can't even remember her name.  It's possible it was actually a Miss America.  If I ever find my autograph collection I'll let you know. Lastly, a former Idaho Governor.  Again, I don't remember which. Clearly I live a sheltered life.

~ Dragon Lady


Dear Dirty Word in England,

Gene Wilder used to buy me candy when I was a child.  He and I lived in the same town and my parents would shop at the same grocery store.  I don't remember him as anything more than a very nice old man with a fluffy white dog.  He would hand me a basket and tell me to fill it with candy which he then would pay for.  So, yeah, I got candy from Willy Wonka.

- Hypatia


Dear Brazilian Soda Brand,

I have a picture with Snoop Dogg, with both of us flashing a gang sign he just made up on the spot.  It's pretty much awesome.

Sadly, I can't show it to you, because then you could figure out my identity.

But, it's pretty much amazing.

I also knocked on Johnny Carson's door as a middle schooler and asked him to make a donation to a school band fundraiser.  He gave me $10.

In High School, I got to present a painting to Bill Cosby when he visited our high school and gave a show for our students (funniest two hours of my life... serious ab workout).

During Sundance, I almost got shoved out of the way by Dennis Leary as he yelled at his party to get in the car.  Another year, I talked to John Popper (Blues Traveler Harmonica) in a parking lot.

So... that's my story.


That is all.



Dear FF,

I have met Jennifer Cody several times.  She is most famous for being the voice of Charlotte La Bouff  in The Princess and the Frog.  Also, as I write this, I'm standing in line to meet Stephan Pastis, the creator of the comic strip Pearls Before Swine

I sure hope this helps.  Please don't hate me.

- Brutus


Dear Rufus,

I accidentally stalked Kirby Heyborne around Utah County one Saturday. And had conversations with him. I also conversed with Mary Ellen Edmunds at the John Wayne airport; the following week she knighted me at the conference center. Susan Easton Black (considered famous in some circles) was one of my professors, and she's helped me answer a few Board questions in the past. I've also met some of the 12 (and a few of them more than once) as well as President Faust and President Monson. And, if you have ever heard of/remember the television show Promised Land, I not only met much of the cast, but I also was an extra in one episode (it was being filmed at my school and in the nearby desert). Finally, I dated a guy that later became Mr. Hong Kong (I'm not telling the year, though), and while he wasn't famous here in the United States, I hear that's kind of a big thing over there. Additionally, Chris Heimerdinger (author of Tennis Shoes Among the Nephites) has several times been signing at my local Deseret Book, and I've met him at least two of those times. My family and I also used to get letters from him occasionally (maybe it was only one letter; my memory is a bit vague on that). 

I also just remembered that I've been within spitting distance of Whoopi Goldberg (and I can't spit far), but I wasn't allowed to talk to her, look at her, or do my job while she was in the vicinity and, in fact, got yelled at several times for standing there, even though I was there first and it was, you know, my job to be there. 

While we're on that subject, I've met every Disney character and am Facebook friends with Winnie-the-Pooh and Jessie the Cowgirl. 



Dear Fanny,

I have met several LDS "famous" people and some semi-famous people that aren't terribly exciting.

I did meet Michael Bublé though.  I met him and we talked for a bit.  I told him I enjoyed his little concert, asked him a few questions about himself, and just chitchatted a bit.  After the conversation he hugged me and I got a picture with him.  This was back in 2003 before he really hit it big.  He was a really nice guy... not nearly as much of a potty mouth as he is now.

-The Cheeky Chickie


Dear Famous Fanny,

When I was three, I won a coloring contest and got to meet Shari Lewis (of Lamb Chop's Play-Along fame).  She was very nice and even signed my Charlie Horse puppet.

Love from

Queen Alice


Dear Famous,

President Bush (the first one), and President Monson (before he was the President Monson).

I've met a few NBA players, particularly Portland Trailblazers from the early '90s - Clyde Drexler, Jerome Kersey, and Cliff Robinson, who is now on Survivor.

- Beemer Boy


Dear Famous-

Once, I was walking around the Village in Manhattan with a good friend of mine. He decided we should walk by the comedy club where so much of Louis CK's television show, Louie, is filmed. Lo and behold, as we walk up, there he is with a crew shooting an episode. My friend, who is a serious stand-up junkie, was star-struck and asked for a picture. Louis said no.

Then I read where he said this on Reddit:

So, what I do now is this: I refuse to ever take a picture with anyone. I just say no. I don't do that. But I shake their hand and I talk to them for a bit. Because I like that. I can tell this disappoints people for a second but as we talk they feel okay about it. People who just want the picture and don't want to connect get a little pissed off. But that's okay. They can't always have what they want. And I get to say no to a thing I really don't like, especially that is asked of me a lot. And now with that boundary in place, I feel absolutely no inhibition with folks. I am glad to meet everyone that says hi. EVERYONE. I learn a little about a nice person several times a day. And they are kind to me. And it won't last. So it's great.

and we felt a lot better about it. Still, he was nice to us, especially considering that they were between scenes.



Dear friend,

I briefly met Matt Costa when he played at BYU a few years back. I've met a few Studio C cast members (back when they were still in Divine Comedy). I ran into Brian Regan at the Provo D.I. once (he had done a show in Utah Valley the night previous, and I guess was just killing time until his flight or something?). I am close friends with a former minor YouTube celebrity. I took a class from Brad Wilcox once. One time, I sat behind Elder Holland in Sunday School. I've been in classes with a few members of The Strike. Oh, and I've met Lavell Edwards a couple times.

So basically, I know a lot of people who are famous in Provo and not really anywhere else. I've also met people who are quite famous in my field, but it's a pretty small field (more of a meadow, really), so, while I was pretty freaking starstruck, it's not really impressive to anyone besides other elementary music teachers.

OH, WAIT. WAIT. One time I emailed Ryan North and he wrote me back and basically, we're probably best friends or something. There we go. I am Internet acquaintances with the writer of Dinosaur Comics. Also, Gail Carson Levine called me "sweetie" once. She has a really thick New York accent, which was oddly disconcerting at the time.


-Stego Lily


Dear FF,

I met Tom Daschle in high school because reasons. I also went to school with the guy who does these comics.

-yayfulneeds to meet more people