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Question #77199 posted on 04/08/2014 2:36 p.m.

Dear 100 Hour Board,

What do you think would be an amusing TV crossover with the following constraint: both shows must have at least one regular character's actor in common? Either show could be any show that ever aired, as long as there was a common regular actor. I was imagining a My Favorite Martian and The Incredible Hulk crossover, in which Uncle Martin makes the mistake of getting on Bruce Banner's nerves, thinking it's Tim O'Hara.



Dearest Ed,

I'd like to see Mal Reynolds from Firefly in just about anything else. Specifically, everything.

- Beemer Boy


Dear Mr. Ed,

This has been one of my favorite questions to answer during the whole reunion week. Thanks! Here are my ideas. Try not to let it bother you that I have a much greater working knowledge of Joss Whedon actors than of most other actors ... but I tried to get a lot of other people in here, too. Oh, also, I couldn't help but include movies (instead of TV shows) in a few instances where I thought it would be really awesome.


  • Amy Acker: Angel/Much Ado about Nothing. A character melding of Fred/Illyria and Beatrice would be a riot. That would be compounded because of Alexis Denisof and Tom Lenk also being in both. And technically, Nathan Fillion exists in the same universe as Angel, so a Caleb/Dogberry thing could be wild and probably suuuuper creepy.
  • Summer Glau: Maybe Firefly/Alphas? She's a little harder since she seems to have a lot of similar characters, which wouldn't be quite as funny. Firefly/Alphas might also be sort of impossible, since Firefly has the whole premise of "earth's gone." It also would have been great if she was actually in character as one of her past roles during that spot she did on Big Bang Theory, although I know the point of that was that she was just a regular person.
  • Richard Dean Anderson: Stargate-SG1/MacGyver. This doesn't seem like too much of a stretch, though.
  • Teri Hatcher: Lois and Clark/Coraline. An earnest reporter in love meets a creepy mythological creature who wants to eat children's souls!
  • Hugh Laurie: Jeeves and Wooster/House. I think this speaks for itself.
  • Dule Hill: The West Wing/Psych. The President's aide solves crimes while selling pharmaceuticals!
  • Amanda Tapping: Riese/Stargate-SG1. This is hilarious to me because Riese is sort of awful and Amanda Tapping is just the narrator, but I can't watch Riese without expecting everybody to run into Goa'uld all the time.
  • Alyson Hannigan: Buffy/How I Met Your Mother (I haven't really seen HIMYM more than once or twice, but I do always sort of hope that Alyson Hannigan's character on that show will start doing spells.)
  • Simon Baker: The Mentalist/The Guardian (suddenly the lawyer starts reading minds!)
  • Mark Sheppard: Leverage/White Collar (suddenly the Interpol agent turns out to be an art forger!) (that doesn't sound like too much of a stretch for these shows, either, actually.)
  • Allison Janney: The West Wing/anything else she's ever done. I mean, she's the voice of Kaiser radio spots (at least in California), and half the time I hope she's going to crack a joke about psychics/physicists.
  • Matt Bomer: Tru Calling/White Collar. The sweet crime photographer boyfriend meets Neal Caffrey. Yet again, seems like a natural fit.
  • John Noble: Fringe/Lord of the Rings. I don't know if there's too much more to say here.
  • Emma Caulfield: Buffy the Vampire Slayer/Once Upon a Time. It's too perfect. Is she a demon or is she a witch or would it really matter? I wish they had used her a lot more in Once Upon a Time.
  • David Krumholtz: Numb3rs/The Santa Clause (or Serenity). Because I can't ever see him in anything and not think, "He's the elf from The Santa Clause."
  • Gabrielle Anwar: Burn Notice/Wild Hearts Can't Be Broken. Fiona is also a horse trainer! Or maybe blind. That would throw a wrench into Burn Notice.
  • Rachel Nichols: Alias/Continuum. There are all kinds of spy things that could happen here.
  • Martin Freeman: Sherlock/Hot Fuzz. How could this not be hilarious?

I know your question focuses on regular actors, but it would be great to mix up the five million character actors from Star Trek with basically anything else they're in. It would be kind of like how Psych does that with their constant, tiny inside jokes. I'm sure it's been done before. (Armin Shimerman, anybody?)


Dear Ed,

I don't have as many as Olympus, but this was sure fun.

Jonathan Frakes, etc. - A space anomaly transports Captain Picard into the Gargoyles universe, where he has to try to reason with David Xanatos as well as half of the rest of his crew.

Kyle Chandler - When an injury takes Gary Hobson out of action, Coach Taylor must travel to Chicago and use his football coaching skills to fix tomorrow's problems, today.

David Boreanaz - Bones visits Sunnydale and tells Angel to get over himself.

- Katya


Dear talking horse,

LeVar Burton: In a bizarre accident reminiscent of Quantum Leap, Geordi LaForge suddenly finds himself on the set of a 20th-century kids' television show teaching children about the joys of reading books. Oh. Wait....

-Blinding White Flash