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Question #7795 posted on 09/18/2004 4:06 a.m.

Dear 100 Hour Board,

Which is better Granite or Marble? I'm looking to put in a new counter top. I know which one costs more but don't know if it's worth the money, and I don't belive half the stuff the salesmen say.

- (slave to his wife)

A: Dear slave:

Guess what? Granite and marble are both the same stone -- it's just that marble is the metamorphic-rock form of granite. Granite is stronger, harder, and less absorbant. Marble is a close second.

The question is, how long are you going to be in this house? If you're looking at 10 or more years, then it's worth it to get granite. If not, then it may be worth it to get the less expensive option. Oh, and I've also seen concrete countertops that look really nice too. If you haven't looked into them at all, it may be worth a look.

-- Misaneroth