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Question #780 posted on 09/26/2003 midnight

Dear 100 Hour Board,
Are otter pops really made out of otters? or Why do they like to call them Otter pops? If they wanted a creature like that, why not ferret pops?
- Pardon the disrespect to the great otter pop

A: No. The original Otter Pops were made of a delicious concoction of frozen, slushy, plastic-wrapped delight, which included 10% real fruit juice. However, the company that makes the vastly inferior, artificially-flavored Pop-Ice bought out the Otter-Pop company in 1996 and subsequently ruined the recipe (at least it was better than the Fla-Vor-Ice recipe). The exact origin of the "otter pop" name has been lost to history (as has its parent company). Speculation is that since otters are long, skinny, cute, aquatic mammals it was only logical to name long, skinny, cute, frozen aqueous snacks after them.
- Misaneroth