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Question #7813 posted on 09/20/2004 4:03 a.m.

Dear 100 Hour Board,

How long would it take to walk from here to San Francisco?

- Nick

A: Dear Nick,

Here huh? That's pretty specific, luckily we're omniscient and know you're referring to Provo, UT. Actually my friend was at our booth in the Wilk where you asked so I guess we didn't waste any omniscience on this one, except for the question itself.
Any way, it's exactly 611 miles or 983 km or 531 nautical miles (as the crow flies, and they fly straight from point A to point B if you didn't know) from Provo to San Francisco. I assume that you're not going to rest or slow down at all and that you walk at a rate of 14 minutes per mile. So it'd take you exactly 8554 minutes or roughly 6 days. If you stick to roads it's 778.17 miles so that'd take you 11018 minutes or 7.6 days.
Don't forget to wear comfortable shoes and bring me back a T-shirt, that'd be cool.

-Skippy DeLorean