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Question #783 posted on 09/25/2003 midnight

O Board Most Knowing,
Frequently over the last year, while walking between the Clyde and Widtsoe buildings, I have smelled a peculiar odor. It's a chemical kind of smell, slightly sweet and slightly cleanerlike but also somewhat reminiscent of urine. (Mmm, isn't that just the word you want to read in a question you're going to research?) And I thought I'd ask, now that I've inhaled this vapor on dozens of occasions, whether anyone knows what it is, or when I might expect to have lung cancer from it, or anything else like that. Your help would be appreciated.
- Chemical protection freak

A: Dear CPF,
I've walked though that corridor several times a day for the past year, and the only thing I've ever smelled that resembles that odor is the geraniums in the little plot near the street.
- Misaneroth