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Question #78943 posted on 09/02/2014 8:30 p.m.

Dear 100 Hour Board,

Are there any "causes" that you each care about a lot and want to promote/promote already? If so, what are they and what do you have to share with us about them? ("Causes" including, but not limited to: mental illness, political/social/financial inequality, literacy, the environment, tunnel worm recreation rights, etc. The Church doesn't count.)

-Narcoleptic, who wishes more people knew that this, while hilarious, is not accurate.


Dear Wade,

I have a lot of causes I'm passionate about but since most everyone else threw in something about education I'm going to go ahead and open myself up to take a lot of flak and say gun control. Don't get me wrong; I love shooting. I am a Texan, after all. But I would gladly support stricter gun control if it meant that the US could have low gun-violence rates like England.



Dear accurate,

Education is really important to me, largely because it seems to be a significant factor in working out intractable social problems like poverty. I've also been involved in the realm of accessibility awareness, particularly with the Deaf community.



Dear Narcolepsy,

Women and education in developing countries matters quite a lot to me. If we could empower women more they would be able to empower their children more, and provide for their education, thus creating a more educated generation on which their country could build.

I am also really passionate about civil discourse, both on the political stage and in personal conversations with people. People should be able to disagree on things without becoming mean.

The Soulful Ginger 


Dear Narcolepsy,

I care a lot about how invisible illnesses are viewed, or rather, not viewed by the public in general. I think a lot of good could be done by just educating people about the fact that there are a lot of people that can look perfectly healthy, but have very real disabilities or illnesses.  I believe that understanding and consideration can go a long way.



Dear Doctor,

To be honest, my causes are relatively benign causes. For example, I'm very much into people being aware that a speech impediment doesn't imply any of the stereotypes they're normally associated with, and that when they mock people, it can be hurtful even if they don't say something.

One of my other causes is that of the reformation of the education system to allow for open book tests. Information is constantly and consistently at our fingertips. Instead of asking us to repeat that information, tests should be reformatted to focus on comprehension of the information. My mantra is "synthesizing, not memorizing."

To a small degree one of my causes is that I think that depression should be allowed to be just as much of an illness as, say, having a cold. I have trouble actually being an active part of this cause, since my own insecurities make it difficult for me to be willing to admit that sort of weakness to others. 

-Tally M.


Dear Narcoleptic,

My two main causes are prison reform and preventing sexual violence. I think there is so much to be done in both areas. While my current work tends to be focused more on managing and treating the aftermath of trauma rather than prevention of trauma, I'm hoping that at least part of my career can be devoted to working on these issues.