Silence is the virtue of fools. -Sir Francis Bacon
Question #794 posted on 09/25/2003 midnight

Dear 100 Hour Board,
I'm confused about the whole duck thing. I've read it several times and still don't get it. Please explain it to me.
- clueless blonde

A: Dear clueless,
Honestly, I don't either.
- Rufus
A: Dear Blondie,
Humour is often found in incongruity, or in other words, when the expected doesn't happen, and the unexpected does. Let us examine the duck thing. Firstly, we expect the phrase "What is the difference between a duck?" to be a question. It is not. "Between" demands two objects, only one of which is supplied, thus making the phrase an incomplete sentence. We expected a question, we get incompleteness, nonsense. Incongruity. Then the next line, "One leg's the same" (also a fragment) is also incongruous because we didn't expect an answer to the line that turned out not to be a question. And then, the answer turns out also not to be answer (because "same" demands another object to compare "leg" to) thus compounding the incongruity.
-Brother Tom