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Question #801 posted on 09/25/2003 midnight

Dear 100 Hour Board,
I once tried to imagine a world with no hypothetical situations but I couldn't do it. Can you? What's it like?
- BJ the Great

A: Dear BJ,
Try living in a computer. In a computer, there are no hypothetical situations - they either are, or aren't - pretending does not happen.
- Rufus
A: Dear BJ the Great,
By the very nature of the question, it is entirely impossible to imagine a world without hypothetical situations, since the very existence of that world is entirely hypothetical. The only way you really can imagine such a world is by not really caring about reality or contradiction at all and adopting a Zen-like, Goedel's-Theorem-Does-Not-Apply-Here attitude, in which case you are free to imagine pretty much anything you want. In which case, my world would have pink, fuzzy elephants flying through clouds of liverwurst and radish pizza. Mmm, radishes.
- Misaneroth