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Question #80196 posted on 12/08/2014 9:38 a.m.

Dear 100 Hour Board,

How did this cat survive a month without food/water?! I would like to hear your theories/stories (no matter how serious or silly).


-Santa Paws


Dear Santa Paws,

Probably by going into a state of unconsciousness and hibernation and thereby limiting the energy she expended as much as possible. Body fat went first to fulfill MiMiao's energy needs, followed by atrophying of probably most of her non-vital muscle tissue. Some water would also have been freed up by the consumption of these tissues.

Poor cat.

--Ardilla Feroz 


Dear S,

It is said that the Dragon Warrior can go for months without eating, surviving on the dew of a single gingko leaf and the energy of the universe. That cat must be the Dragon Warrier.