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Question #803 posted on 09/23/2003 midnight

Dear 100 Hour Board,
Are any of the BYU fleet cars (the Pontiac Grand Prixes you always see with the letters on the back) used for personal use? Often I see some driving away from campus at 5:00. How can I use one for personal use? Is fleet services like a rental place for anyone?
- Hertz Doughnut

A: Dear Hertz Doughnut,
The Motor Pool is only allowed to issue fleet cars "to BYU Departments for official business," so NO, you can't get one for personal use. If it really bothers you, next time you see Joe Schmoe driving away after 5:00, re-enact a scene from Newsies and grab hold of the underside of the car so you can find out where he's going. Of course, that maneuver would be much easier on a carriage than a Grand Prix...but hey, we can't give you all the answers!
-One who has used BYU vehicles for official business at night and weekends