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Question #80821 posted on 01/29/2015 4:08 p.m.

Dear 100 Hour Board,

I'm always hearing about how attractive women are who have self confidence. But how true is this to guys with no to low confidence? Are guys who are lacking confidence likely to be attracted to women with confidence, or to someone who's probably at the same level as them? To me, it seems that girls with confidence would be a big intimidation to guys who don't have as much.

-Granola girl


Dear Mickey,

Have you ever seen Hitch? No? Well, the main character Albert has absolutely no confidence. The main storyline is the fact that he's really into a girl with a lot of confidence, and he doesn't know how to get her. Of course they're an intimidation!

I've also seen this play out in real life with my roommate Bambi—who has relatively high confidence—who's got a boy with fairly low confidence attempting to go for her. (Hint: it's not working out.) One reason why I think this may happen is because they may feel like they have nothing else to lose, and being able to get someone who's so clearly a catch would boost their own confidence. Then again, the mystery of guys' minds is incredibly deep and I may be completely off base.

-Tally M.