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Dear 100 Hour Board,

What are some ways you've seen ward unity successfully be built from the ground up? (Especially in a more fluid singles ward...)

-My Name Here


Dear Nestor,

My ward was 90% new a year ago, with myself being in the stable 10%. We're not perfect by any means, but I feel like we're pretty unified. It's hard to pick out specific reasons, and the right answer's always going to be "live the gospel" and "be a friend," but a couple things seem specific to my ward now:

  1. Food. We eat FOOD. And not cereal bar break-the-fast food, either (though I have seen that done—it was pretty sad). I'm talkin' waffles and fried chicken and spicy sauce and salad and ice cream, all at one activity. It's worked in thousands of cultures for thousands of years. Students are busy, but no one's too busy for food.
  2. My bishop. Some bishops I've had seem to listen to you for 20 seconds and then start talking, but mine listens a lot. And again with the food thing—there was a whole apartment that wasn't coming to church, and he got them to come to his house to eat dinner with him and his wife. They ended up staying for 2.5 hours and have been coming to church a lot more frequently.

In conclusion, don't skimp on food.