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Question #818 posted on 09/23/2003 midnight

Dear 100 Hour Board,
I used to be a competitive swimmer, but my interests have taken me in other directions, so I rarely compete anymore. I still want to be good in all the aspects of swimming. I was in the RB pool during open swim, and the lifeguards prohibited me from diving off the starting blocks or using the stretching equipment afterward. Is there a way (time or place) I can fully utilize all the equipment in the pool without being on the team or in a class?
- XSwimmer

A: Dear X,
In a word: no. Without being in a class on a team, that equipment can't be used. However, if you're desperate, go plead and beg to one of the swim coaches, and they *may* be able to grant you special dispensation to use the equipment, although it's highly doubtful.