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Question #81910 posted on 04/03/2015 11:38 a.m.

Dear CATS,

Will you show us some of your favorite pictures of cats? Thanks!



How are you Merry-go-Lamb?

What you say? It cannot cats with CATS! It is incorrect. It is on the road to destruction.

Make your time, Merry-go-Lamb. If it is a cats, it is stylish going, but if, then. Remamber it.

If it can want a cats, then it must Azriel, but if it is a CATS, then it can decide. It is all. It is glories. It is A.D. 2015 and war is beginning.

Ha Ha Ha Ha...



Dear Happy Sheep,

This is among the best cat pictures I have ever seen:


There are 101 more were that came from (from Simon Bond's ground breaking "101 Uses for a Dead Cat" from way back in 1988)

The only good cat is a dead cat.


That is all.