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Question #82542 posted on 05/24/2015 9:38 a.m.

Dear 100 Hour Board,

Do BYU wards really feel that different from each other if they're within a certain age group? I stayed at my complex for four years until I graduated, with 75% turnover. But each year the ward didn't feel dramatically different. Mostly 19-25 year olds, with a few stalwarts who've lived there for 3+ years like myself.




They definitely do. I've had some conversations with Concorde about this. It's much more about the type of complexes within the ward boundaries.

The more expensive a complex is, the less active and more cliquish the ward tends to be. Cheaper housing tends to attract more down-to-earth people who are willing to sacrifice comfort to save money.

People who choose certain complexes will tend to be of a certain group, which will mean that the type of ward won't change much despite massive turnover. This isn't to say there aren't exceptions, just that there are generalizations.

-Tally M.