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Question #826 posted on 09/22/2003 midnight

Dear 100 Hour Board,
What is the average size of a stone in the great pyramid @ giza?
- Anonymous

A: Dearest Anonymous,
I'd just like to let you know how hard it is for me to start this out with "Dear" seeing as how you and I do not have a proper relationship established to where either of us should feel comfortable showing that much affection towards the other. Seeing as how you have already written us as "Dear 100 Hour Board", however, I can defer my personal ideals in favor of following suit with the unconditional affection you've already displayed. Thank you for helping me to spread my wings of inhibition and allow for the great influential power of love to seep within my bosom. The average size stone used within the Great Pyramid measures 1.3 cubic RC (Royal cubits) (approximately 27" cubed, or 0.68 meters cubed). Check out for more info.
- PEZkopf