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Question #8317 posted on 10/02/2004 4:05 a.m.

Dear 100 Hour Board,
Why doesn't BYU (or any school in Utah or Idaho, for that matter) offer a religion major? Are they afraid that everyone will just do that and not recieve a balanced education?

- Losing My Religion (Major)

A: Dear Losing,

Simply put, a degree in LDS Religion just wouldn't be very marketable.

I think the closest you could come to a Religion major is probably the Church's Seminary program. Of course, even if you are one of the chosen few who get in, they still require you to have another major just in case.

- Hephaestus
A: Dear Losing My Religion (Major),
I've noticed that most people who major in religion (at other institutions) become pastors or professional clergy. Since the Church just has a lay clergy, this would be unnecessary. Perhaps this is why they intentionally do not have such a major.