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Question #83435 posted on 08/10/2015 9:56 p.m.

Dear 100 Hour Board,

I came across Board Question #7911 in which Skippy says that The Board shirts are worth $9. Looking at the "store" link I see the shirts are now going for $18-$22.

When were the prices raised?
Have the shirts always had this particular design or did there used to be more to choose from?
Who came up with this design?
Did there used to be more than just shirts to choose from?
Do writers receive a shirt after passing probation?
Have you ever seen a stranger sportin' one of these shirts?
How many people have bought from your store?
Has the popularity of it decreased over time?

Basically, I just want a history. Thank ya.

-The littlest gamut.


Dear Small Scope,

Ardilla, Inverse, and I were all in a class last semester where we met a girl who had a Board t-shirt. We were all a little awed, so we inundated her with questions about her thoughts on the Board and what made her decide to get a t-shirt, etc.

Meeting readers randomly and talking to them makes us really excited sometimes. 

Prices have risen since that question because of inflation over the last eleven years. There have been several iterations of the t-shirt, and I believe we have only sold shirts. A few months ago we kicked around the idea of redesigning the shirts. It hasn't happened yet, but it still might. 

None of the current writers have Board shirts, as far as I am aware. That would be ridiculous! People would see us with Board t-shirts and paper bags over our heads, and they would all know our identities. The shirts are simply too conspicuous. They also look terrible with brown paper bags. 

Unfortunately, I wasn't able to obtain stats on how many we've sold, or their popularity, but I honestly doubt either is very high. 

If you are interested in purchasing a Board t-shirt, see our store on CafePress.  

The Soulful Ginger