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Question #8407 posted on 10/02/2004 4:08 a.m.

Dear 100 Hour Board,
Wow, I am coming up with lots of comments (must be related to the fact that it is almost 3 am and I am reading through "recent answers"...). Anyway, there was an entry about what to name a male baby. I personally am fond of the Michael Robert deal because one of my brothers is Michael Robert _______, and he's a little cutie. I also like the name Tearlaidh, which is Gaelic and pronounced either "Charlie" or "Chairly," however you prefer.
- Becky

A: Dear Becky,
You can call him "Chair" for short!
A: Dear Becky-

Please don't do that (Tearlaidh) to your son. Really. It's not right.

A: Dear Becky,

Name him Skippy.

-Not Skippy DeLorean... okay yeah it's me