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Question #846 posted on 09/22/2003 midnight

Dear 100 Hour Board,
How do they get electricity up to the lights on the Y? It is probably a totally obvious answer, but seeing as how I am a freshman I don`t have a clue about much of anything these days.
- A very fresh freshman

A: Dear Froshy,
According to my roommate in Intercollegiate Knights, there is a generator. During the times the Y is lit, one or more IK members stand guard to prevent theft or vandalism of the generator.
- Misaneroth<P> Dear 100 Hour Board,
How many students are from henderson nevada? It seems like everyone i ask is from there.
- Anonymous

Dear Nevada,
A search of BYU's directory turns up 18 people with hometowns or permanent mailing addresses in Henderson, NV. You must not know very many people.
- Misaneroth