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Question #85645 posted on 03/01/2016 10:56 a.m.

Dear 100 Hour Board,

Married Women: How did your husband propose?
Married Men: How did you propose?
Single Women: What is your dream proposal?
Single Men: Any thoughts as to how you will propose?



Dear sapporo-maki,

I'm a single guy. I will not—will not—do some weird highly public proposal with songs and hapless baby animals and choreographed vomiting ogres and everything else that seems to be the rage on viral videos these days. Though I resent the culture that says "buy an overpriced rock as a symbol of your now completely-broke devotion" I'll probably have to acquire a placeholder ring (so she expects the whole thing less) and give it to the girl with, like, weird proffering gestures Because Tradition.  

And then I'll find myself crying when I do so because she'll be like "Ardilla we aren't even dating wat u doin"  and then I'll sit down in muddled confusion wondering what just transpired as her car speeds off into the simultaneous sunset of romantic hope and dawn of eternal single-hood.


--Ardilla Feroz 


Dear Lily,

I have no clue how I'll propose, but you better believe that she'll be surprised! If she's not surprised, then she's not the one.

-Sunday Night Banter


Dear Lily,

My dream proposal takes place in my favorite place in the entire world. However, it involves no gimmicks or tricks, and definitely no one around. It would be sweet, simple, and most importantly, private.




Dear Vicky,

I don't think I have a lot of expectations for a proposal, but I know I would like it to be pretty simple. I'm not against going to a significant place or saying sweet words or anything like that; I just want it to be a pretty organic ordeal overall.

On a similar note, I'm of the opinion that the question itself should not be a surprise, but the circumstances of when it is asked can/should be. I'm sure others disagree, but at least for me, a sometimes grossly indecisive and overly-analytical person, I would need some pre-proposal preparation. 

-Auto Surf


Dear you,

I talked about my proposal in Board Question #80863.



Dear you,

Man, Certainly took me on a hike up in the mountains. When the hike opened out into a large field, he stopped hiking and told me that he hadn't had a present for me the previous day (our nine-month-iversary) but he did have one for me then. He asked if he could give it to me, and proceeded to take out the ring box from his backpack and propose to me. And now we're married! And he's amazing.


~Anne, Certainly


Dear Lola,

I want mine to take place at the biggest BYU football game of the year in front of a stadium filled with people. I want there to be puppies involved too. I would like to be taken onto the field on either a chariot pulled by miniature ponies or a throne carried by the BYU football team. I want a flash mob. I want to know before hand so I can look pretty. And above all I want you guys to all know that that's a complete lie.

There are two things I do not want my proposal to be:

  1. Extremely public
  2. Within a two week radius of Valentine's Day

Other than that, I'd like it to be something meaningful to both of us. I'd also like, as Auto Surf said, the time and location to be a surprise, but not the question. I want to have talked about it before, because if you haven't, well, you have a whole different set of problems.



Dear Harry Potter's mother, 

We already knew we were getting married-I picked out the ring, picked the colours, set the date, and we even gotten our marriage license.  It was a matter of formality for him to propose at this point in time.  But he did completely surprise me.

Andy Dwyer proposed in the basement of his house here at BYU.  I am completely obsessed with dogs-I literally want to have my very own dog shelter someday. So, we have used the Puppies For Rent services many, MANY times.  Andy rented a puppy, had her waiting in the basement, and he created a pathway from the front door to the basement with rose petals in our wedding colours. His roommates (who are also his cousins) helped set everything up, and even had a camera recording the whole moment.  He got down on one knee, with the ring in one hand, a puppy in the other.  He asked me to marry him, promising we will have dozens of dogs to go through our lives with us.  I said yes (of course), and then we played with a puppy and ate pizza from Brick Oven. 

It was awesome. 


-April Ludgate