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Dear 100 Hour Board,

Married Writers: Can we get pictures of your engagement & wedding rings?
Single Writers: What's your dream ring?



Dear Lily,

I actually love weddings a lot, it's really embarrassing. 

One of my dream rings is rose gold (but not pink) with a light pink morganite stone. I like really simple rings, so probably just the band and the stone. On the other hand (no pun intended), I also really like this ring. I'm also a fan of the uncut look. 

-Adelaide, who totally doesn't spend a lot of her time on Pinterest or anything. That's ridiculous.


Dear always,

I tend to be pretty traditional when it comes to wedding-related preferences. My dream engagement ring would have a relatively simple but pretty silver band and a big sparkly diamond, kind of like this one:


I once heard the idea of getting a cubic zirconium stone put in initially and then replacing it with a diamond when you as a couple are more established and can afford it, and that makes sense to me. 

And while this is my dream ring, I like to think I'll fall in love with whatever ring I happen to be offered. In the end, it's not the ring that matters.

-the Goose Girl


Dear Lily,

I would say I liked small and simplistic rings before I got married, mostly because those are usually the cheapest rings, and I didn't want to break the bank for a silly ring.

Then I got a rock of a ring from my husband.  It's awesome.

Top view:


Side view: 


Separated engagement and wedding bands: 


Ladies, it's important to find a man with good taste in jewelry. And who can get quality jewelry at very low costs.

-April Ludgate


Dear hiroshima-maki,

No shots fired at other writers who like rings here, y'all are entitled to yo' unique style and whatnot.

Ideally, I wouldn't have to buy a stone-encrusted ring, but since there is an almost-irresitible cultural expectation (see every engagement post ever) that I do so, my ideal ring to give someone would have an unconventional stone—we're talking like an emerald, or ruby, or sapphire, or something—instead of a diamond. I do not like diamonds, and feel that if I am purchasing something for a lot of money it may as well be worth more than a diamond is apparently worth. 

I also think that in my case purchasing any jewelry or clothing for a girl is... unadvisable, considering my sense of style. I'd prefer she pick it out herself, which would probably mean a diamond it would be. 

If I were to pick a wedding band for myself, I'd want to pick something with a very slim profile. I'm thinking, like ceramic or tungsten carbide but tungsten is so heavy, and I don't really like wearing things on my hands. I'd also like something I could replace easily for when I inevitably lose my ring to a deep-ocean trench, or a surging rainforest river, or a swirling toilet.


--Ardilla Feroz


Dear James,

I've always wanted a prairie diamond, because I think it's silly for poor young people to spend so much money on a ring. And I'm a history nerd so I think they're cool.

If I have to pick actual jewelry, then I prefer a gem besides a diamond, something with more color. I also prefer rings that are flatter with lots of smaller stones than one with a big stone that sticks up. It just looks like a big stone would get in the way and annoy me.




Hello Kitty,

I want like, a Lantern ring. Probably Indigo because purple's my favorite color. Or a Legion flight ring.

Or a Voltron ring. You know five lion mechas combine to form one super mecha, right?



Dear yulie,

I used to take pride in not knowing enough, or simply not caring enough, to give a real answer to this kind of question. Then everything changed when the Fire Nation came. Which is to say, this question has made me obsess over a thing that really doesn't matter at all at this time in my life.

So I'd probably like something like this: Screen Shot 2016-02-29 at 2.52.08 PM.png (source)

Or something similar without the center stone. I mostly like the thin wavy/braided band.

-Auto Surf


Dear Doctor,

I want something silver with sapphires, possibly with diamonds or opals as well. It needs to have a slim profile, mostly because I don't want something protruding from the top of the ring.

-Tally M.


Dear Devi, 

I would love a yellow gold ring with a small opal or pearl, like so:



The Soulful Ginger 


Dear you,

A picture of my engagement ring can be found in Board Question #80863. The wedding band is a plain, matching rose gold band that's molded to fit flush against the engagement ring all the way around, in a similar way to April's ring.