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Question #8616 posted on 10/11/2004 4:07 a.m.

Dear 100 Hour Board,
It seems like there were not that many protestors at conference this year. Any idea why?

- One Bad Apple

A: Dear One Bad Apple,
Maybe they were all taken up to heaven, and we missed it. Shoot, we'd better look into this.
A: Dear One Bad Apple,

Or maybe they finally realized that shouting at people doesn't actually change their minds. Yeah. Right.

- The Alchemist
A: Dear Bad Apple,

It could also be the attitudes of the policemen that were directing traffic. They were fairly amused by the protesting, and would answer back, "Hot dogs! Get'cher fresh hot dogs right here, two for a dollar! Hot dogs, hot dogs!" They encouraged us to do the same, but not many I saw did. At any rate, they were decidedly unsympathetic when the protesters complained about people talking back to them. "I just told 'em that you Mormons have free speech too." If I were a protester, I wouldn't feel I was being taken very seriously, either.

-Uffish Thought