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Question #862 posted on 10/08/2003 1:35 a.m.

Dear 100 Hour Board,

Did Joseph Smith (or anyone else) really say that Del Parson's "Christ in Red Robe" was the closest painting made to the actual likeness of Christ? My roommates insist that it's the truth but I thought that was just another Mormon rumor.

- Skeptic

A: Dear Skeptic,

I have heard the same thing. A mission companion told me something along those lines too. But I too am skeptic too since Del Parson is alive and with us today. So I'm pretty sure that Joseph Smith didn't tell him that.

As far as anyone else saying it, I would be fairly suprised because while I was on my mission that picture of the Savior was replaced in the copies of the Book of Mormon we gave out with a different one.

- Mighty Quinn