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Question #86437 posted on 05/12/2016 6:50 p.m.


Will you introduce us to your new kitty?



Dear Shanimal, 

Thanks for asking! This is Oliver.


He's about two years old now, and is a totally white, green-eyed random cat I got for free from the Humane Society. They'd just gotten a huge influx of cats from a hoarder and were a little overwhelmed. He hadn't yet been neutered and they were like "Seriously, just please bring back proof you neutered him and got him his shots and we'll call it even." His fur was dingy then, because his previous owners had been heavy smokers, and his meows were raspy. At the time he was still kind of small, and only a year old and his name was Little B, which I promptly changed. He grew pretty fast though, and weighs a little over 14 pounds now. The vet says he's just very big-boned and naturally large. I think she was just trying to be nice.

Oliver 4.jpg

Things he's good at: 

  • Meowing really loudly all the time
  • Knowing when his food bowl is empty and how to hound me into filling it
  • Laying on my chest
  • Clawing things he shouldn't claw
  • Playing dead when he's scared
  • Knocking every single thing off my dresser
  • Purring 
  • Falling in the toilet
  • Playing fetch (his favorite game)
Oliver dos.jpg
Things he's bad at: 
  • Hunting things
  • Catching things
  • Balancing
  • Jumping on things
  • Generally just being a normal cat. 
  • Remembering to put his tongue away when he's done using it
Oliver tres.jpg

Overall, he's pretty cool. I am quite attached to him and he seems to think I'm pretty chill. We have some good times and some bad times and most people who meet him seem to like him. He's like a dog in that he greets newcomers at the door and loves to be around people. Being alone is devastating to him. All he wants to do is play fetch with his favorite toy and curl up for some snuggles after a long day, which is totally fine with me. 

 Oliver 5.jpg

-Concorde & Ollie


Dear Shanimal ~

Concord says I can introduce my kitties, too. So I am. We got them probably near a year ago (wow! Time flies) from a neighbor who decided her kids needed to have priority in her time over her cats, and Dragon Baby had been asking for one, and I love cats, and Yellow didn't oppose the idea, so... cats!

Meet Peaches and Creampuff. They are brothers and are incredibly fluffy. But despite being brothers, they are very different.


Peaches is an introvert. He hides when new people come over. He doesn't love being petted (at least by me. He has a great love for Dragon Baby and can always be found in whatever room she is sleeping in. Even if she moves during the night.) He does not go outside. If you try to take him, even just outside the door, panic sets in full force.


Creampuff is the opposite. He loves people (as far as cats do, anyway). He has no problem walking up to a group of people and walking around, brushing up against legs and such. He spends half of his days outside, but when he comes in, he will meow loudly and rub against you until you cave and pick him up and pet him. I also not-so-secretly wish I could sleep like him.


They both are very adept at catching and eating flies, which made last fall in Lehi (close to mink farms) the best fall we've had here.They both LOVE chasing yarn, which is why I've had to start storing my yarn in Rubbermaid tubs. Coming home from a 2-week Christmas break was... fun. It was like a spiderweb of yarn all up and down the stairs and through the house. 

I kind of wish I had a more cuddly cat, though Creampuff is slowly starting to warm up and about once every month or two will surprise me by jumping on my lap and cuddling up. (Usually right before I'm about to get up to do something. He usually gets priority.) I hate hairballs. I've determined the Costco kitty litter is by far the best, as far as smell goes. Also, long-haired white cats shed a lot. So I'm trying to get into better vacuuming habits.

~ Dragon Lady


How are you Shanimal!!

What you say? How can it subtweet a CATS?

If you can want to talk with it, just asking. Do not meet around the bush. Just set up it, and it can come. Of course.

It has been cover, but CATS is not cats. CATS is a horrible, beautiful majestry, all of its own. You must know what you doing, or it will be on the way to destruction. It can a bomb.

Ha Ha Ha Ha...