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Question #8649 posted on 10/11/2004 4:16 a.m.

Dear 100 Hour Board,
I met this nice girl in my social dance class this semester and I want to ask her on a date. However, finding others to go double with or in a group is difficult. Would it be too wierd to do something with just her? If not, what are some fun date ideas for two people?
- Not Much Experience

PS - Does it make it any more or less awkward in that she's a junior and I'm a freshman?

A: Dear Not Much Experience,

Grade doesn't matter so much as age. Is she two years older than you? Yeah, that's probably a little awkward. Still a premie? Yeah, that's going to make it worse.

How well do you know her? How do you interact when you're in dance class? Don't be like the nightmare from my Dance 180 class freshman year, Z*....

Z* and I both lived in Deseret Towers. I was dating a guy in my ward who also lived in DT, M*. Z* would sit in the Morris Center and watch me and M* as we ate our meals together. Many DT residents watched General Conference in the Morris Center lounge area. M* and I were among the many, as well as Z*, who watched more of us than conference. (And no, we weren't making out on the couch or anything that would deserve attention.) Z* was in my dance class that semester and he would watch me there, too. Whenever we had to dance together, he never knew what to say to me, so we danced in awkward silence as he sweat all over my hand and back....

If you feel like you know her pretty well, then it might be a little less awkward going on a single date. But ideally, a double date is best.

A list of links to dating ideas can be found here: Board Question #6003

Good luck in your dating endeavors!

- Piquant
A: Dear Not Much,

Before I got married, I went out with over 60 girls. Out of all of them, only 2 thought that it was weird/wrong to go on a single date for your first date. So if you do ask her out on a single date, just make sure she's not one of those people who would object.

A: Dear Obviously Not Much Experience,

There is one critical fact which you overlooked. Are you, or are you not, a returned missionary?

If you are not a returned missionary <stifled laugh=""> I would suggest not asking her out, but tell your RA about it. He'll think it's funny.

If you are an RM, go for it. Snag her like a big mouth bass out of the reeds. Or something.

- Mighty Quinn