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Question #866 posted on 10/09/2003 1:04 p.m.

Dear 100 Hour Board,

I am an avid statehood quarter collector. I think these statehood quarters are great! But I was wondering...is the U.S. Mint still producing regular George Washington quarters simultaneously?Also, what do you think will be the picture depicted on the Utah State quarter?

- Coin Collector

A: Dear Coin Collector,
The only quarters being minted at this point are the statehood quarters - they're putting out five per year, so there's sufficient work just getting those five minted. The current plan is for the Eagle quarters will return after the statehood quarters have been completed.
As for what I think will be on the Utah quarter, I expect something rather dull like a miniature of the state seal or something. That, or it will mention something about the olympics. Hopefully they surprise me.

- Rufus