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Question #86632 posted on 05/15/2016 9:06 p.m.

Dear 100 hundred hour Birb,,

Hello yes it is i birb with asking you a qestion.

What is favrite Birb.

Pics pleas k thank you????

-Birb for presdident 2016


How are you Birb for presdident 2016!!

What you say! How can it asking a question if it cannot spell?

It cannot birb. It is a base. It can only set up you the bomb. Does it not?

If it tries to be clever and tweet a bird, it is on the way to destruction. It cannot an otherwise. But, you know what you doing. It can has. It can always has.

It is a favorite ZIG, not birb. It will always move.

But, for a president, should it not be clean water rights and set up you the Bern? It cannot a Hillary or a Donald Tramp. It can feel the Bern, and it is a BRO.

Ha Ha Ha Ha...