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Question #86641 posted on 05/16/2016 1:42 a.m.

Dear 100 Hour Board,

What kind of anime are you guys into these days? Any recommendations? JoJo's Bizarre Adventure only updates once a week, so I need some more anime to watch on the other days of the week!

-Robert E. O. Speedwagon


Dear Robert O. Speedwagon,

I love anime. I will try to give recommendations on more recent anime. Once I started looking at my Crunchyroll history I realized I have quite a few anime I've liked in the past five years or so. I'M A HUGE NERD and I'm not even denying it. 


  • Monthly Girls' Nozaki-kun - A girl has a huge crush on her classmate, who is secretly a manga artist. When she confesses, he hires her as an assistant. 
  • No Game No Life - Sci-fi series where two videogame nerds end up in a fantasy world. I kind of hate that I like it, because there are a lot of sexual jokes, some of which are actually funny. 
  • The World God Only Knows - A guy who is really good a dating games has to use his skills in the real world to save girls. It sounds SO stupid, but it is actually funny, cute, and a little touching.
  • Princess Jellyfish - A nerdy girl befriends a rich guy who likes to dress up in drag. She and her really nerdy roommates interact with him, assuming he's a girl at first, and they end up befriending each other. One of my all-time favorites.
  • Cromartie High School - Focuses on weird things that happen in a high school, only the weird things are beyond normal. Since you listed Jojo's Bizarre Adventure, I thought you might like this one, because it is bizarre.


  • GOSICK - Gothic Lolita Sherlock Holmes 
  • Erased - A young man goes back in time to his childhood to prevent murder (and has the mind of a young man at the time)
  • Mushi-shi - Beautiful magical realism anime where a spirit doctor travels over picturesque old-timey Japan to solve health problems involving spirit-bacteria things called mushi.
  • Shin Sekai Yori - Very weird sci-fi anime about a post-apocalyptic community of people with psychic powers. I almost stopped watching after an episode where the characters explored same-sex relationships (cuz I wasn't sure if it was hentai or not; it's not), but I came back to it. Really weird and kind of scary at times. I wasn't expecting the twist ending at all. This anime has some great reveals; maybe it could have been better explained but I felt pretty satisfied after reading some fan discussions.


  • Polar Bear Cafe - Super cute and amusing anime about animal-people surrounding a cafe. The way they're drawn is fairly lifelike, and they still have some characteristics of their animals (the panda loves anything bamboo) that just make it weird and funny.
  • Flying Witch - Imagine a high schooler staying with family in the same world as Kiki's Delivery Service.
  • Usagi Drop - Adorable toddler is adopted by her relative, who is a single man. It's about parenting!
  • Non Non Biyori - Four classmate girls of differing ages have adventures in their rural Japanese village.