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Question #86682 posted on 05/17/2016 3:36 a.m.

Dear 100 Hour Board,
Someone did this earlier in the year but I figured since it's alumni week we all would love to hear from the alumni. What is something you always wish someone had asked the board, and how would you answer it?

-Wish granted


Dear wish,

I missed several earlier questions about Board babies, so here I shall put three pictures of my little ones.



-Humble Master


Dear wonderful person,

I wish someone would ask me what unusual coins I've found at work.

1. Several wheat pennies, including a pair of 1930 pennies that someone fused together to make a double-headed coin (I would give almost anything to know the life history of that specimen) and a 1911 (!) penny that I wasn't able to purchase before it disappeared.

2. A 1939 nickel. (Did you know that the nickel's current design has been around since 1938?)

3. A 1955 silver dime. (Did you know that before 1965, dimes and quarters were made of silver, until inflation made the silver in coins more valuable than the coins themselves? Neither did I, which is why I didn't keep that coin.)

4. A near-mint condition 1976 bicentennial half-dollar that someone used to buy their lunch. Why? I have no clue. Some people are just crazy.



Dear Wish,

I was hoping that someone would ask something about the recent NCAA championship for men's volleyball.

Regarding the title game (#1 BYU vs #2 Ohio State), I've been dying all week to simply say: 3 to nil, woot, woot!

(Please don't hate me - especially when I am gloating at the expense of BYU's fans)

- Brutus