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Question #87670 posted on 08/16/2016 5:04 a.m.

Dear 100 Hour Board,

Ok, I went to Costco today, and I became incredibly incredulous about some of the calorie measures for the food they sell. According to their charts, the combo pizza and the cheese pizza have a fairly similar number of calories, but the pepperoni has about 300 less calories in a whole pizza. How does that happen? Is there really that much extra cheese on the cheese pizza, or is there some other reason for this madness?

-Mr. Morton


Dear you,

I traveled to the wild realm of the Orem Costco to answer your question (and put gas in my car). As I picked up my slice of pepperoni pizza, I asked why it had so many fewer calories than the others.

The nice employee suggested it was because the cheese and combo options have more stuff on them, and she did specify that the cheese pizza really does have a lot of cheese. For comparative purposes, my slice of pepperoni was pretty light on toppings.

For anecdotal evidence, I was sharing a table with a very proper-looking older couple as they ate their pizza with a fork and knife. Eventually the woman slowed down and passed the remainder of her slice to her husband, saying "There's so much cheese."

So there you go.