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Question #88537 posted on 12/15/2016 3:57 p.m.

Dear 100 Hour Board,

If you were planning a trip to America for a foreign friend, what kind of generic (read: Things you can do in most parts of America)places/activity places would you recommend? I'm planning a trip for a Japanese person, but if you have specific ideas for foreigners from other counties let me know!

Bonus points for ideas specific to the east coast (New York, Washington DC, Boston, Philly!

-Beikoku Jin


Dear Beikoku,

If your friend will be visiting in winter, take them to do some good wintery things like ice skating or sledding (or even skiing or snowboarding if your budget allows it), or to go see Christmas lights in the city or something. 

Take them out for food. This might just be me, but the most memorable part of many of my vacations have been really good food. 

Like Sherpa Dave says, museums and historical sites are a great idea. You could also take them around to see various cities and walk around them, because even that can be pretty fun. 

You could take them to the beach, because that's fun and great.

I would also recommend googling what sorts of traditions or fun things there are to do in whatever specific city you'll be spending most of your time in. Just about everywhere has some fun local things that you can do.



Dear America,

If my experience in another country counts for anything, I really enjoyed historical sights and museums. Luckily enough, you're specifically referring to the east coast, which has a ton of American historical sights. Seeing another country's history through their eyes is the coolest!

My other absolute favorite thing to do when visiting a new place (especially in a new country) is just to walk around the city, and experience all the day-to-day activities and goings-on of the city. When I visited Paris, I saw the Louvre, the Eiffel Tower, Versailles, and all the super cool museums and sights, but the thing that will stick with me the most was the day when we just wandered the city, stopped in random bakeries, ate some crepes from a street vendor, and just people watched. In my opinion, it's the best way to drink in a new city.

So if I were your Japanese friend (which I am not), I think I would really love spending some time in major cities in the east, seeing some historically significant sights, walking the streets and parks, and definitely eating in some fun cafes. Cafes are always good.

Keep it real,
Sherpa Dave