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Question #88568 posted on 12/12/2016 7:15 p.m.

Dear 100 Hour Board,

Did you know that Jewel was born in Payson, UT?! That's, like, 10 minutes from my house! Anyways, I read her book, Never Broken. She says that her mom was raised Mormon and that her dad converted to Mormonism when he met her. I don't remember if he joined before or after they got married. Her dad also went to BYU where he got his masters degree. My question is whether Jewel was ever baptized into the church. It seems like her parents were only practicing Mormons while Jewel was young, because Jewel's mom turns into a weird lady who eventually leaves the Church and believes in mystical/magical things. And I know her dad had to be excommunicated, or left the Church voluntarily at one point, because he slept around and beat the kids. SO. Was Jewel baptized?

-Famous Fanny


Dear Fanny,

That is interesting! I'm always surprised by all the singers that call Northern Utah their birthplace. Pretty cool stuff. After doing a little research online, I wasn't able to come to a conclusive answer on whether she was baptized, but it appears that her family left the church when she was about eight years old. It's possible that she was baptized before they decided to leave the church. If she was, it sounds like they left shortly after.

Hope that helps!

-Van Goff