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Question #887 posted on 10/11/2003 4:02 a.m.

Dear 100 Hour Board,

It is an honor to place my question before such a prestigious committee.
I have a question concerning the popping of knuckles. I have searched the archives, and although you explain why knuckles pop, you do not state the potential impacts of knuckle popping (good or bad). My brother and I pop knuckles quite often and I am wondering if when we get older, our hands will become curled arthritic shadows of their former selves due to frequent knuckle-popping. Please let me know soon.

- knucklehead

A: Dear knucklehead,

To this point, research shows that popping your knuckles doesn't cause arthritis. Some studies show some correlation between popping knuckles and arthritis, but their results are questionable due to their methodology. However, cracking your knuckles may cause joint damage (rather than arthritis), so be nice to the ears of those around you and break yourself of the habit...

- Ouch