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Question #88737 posted on 01/15/2017 4:18 p.m.

Dear 100 Hour Board,

I ran out of shows to watch, do you have any suggestions? (can be Netflix, Hulu, or Amazon)



Dear Mary-Kate,

Bob's Burgers.  First 5 seasons on Netflix, 7th season on Hulu, and the 6th season is hanging out in cyberspace somewhere until it gets added to Netflix, probably in April or May.

Wet Hot American Summer: First Day of Camp is ridiculous (Netflix Original, rated TV-MA).

Brooklyn Nine-Nine (Hulu).  Andy Samberg is great, but this show hit the ground running because the entire cast works so well together.

Gossip Girl (#guiltypleasure, available on Netflix).

The Crown (Netflix Original).  Everybody needs to watch The Crown.  Oh gosh.  It's just so good. 

-April Ludgate


Dear Ashley,

Adventure Time is an awesome show (it's on Hulu). I love the humor, and the worldbuilding they've done over time is insane.

Lately I've been watching Naruto and Naruto: Shippuden, which are available on Netflix and Hulu, respectively. Between the two shows, it's a very epic story with awesome characters and action, told over 700 episodes. It's an investment, but totally worth it.

If you want to get into anime without having to watch 700 episodes, I would highly recommend Sword Art Online (Netflix). It's fantastic.



Dear Ashley,

Like April Ludgate, I definitely recommend Brooklyn Nine Nine. It's one of the shows that I watch every week when a new episode becomes available, along with Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., The Grand Tour (available on Amazon Prime), and sometimes NCIS if I have a lot of time on my hands. I'm also looking forward to new seasons of Doctor Who and Sherlock this year, although I haven't yet looked into how I'm going to watch them.

It's kinda hard to recommend other shows to watch without knowing what you've already seen and what you like, but most of the shows that I would recommend are the ones that a lot of other people like too. For instance, Daredevil* (on Netflix), The Man in the High Castle* (on Amazon Prime), Stranger Things (on Netflix), and the old classic, Avatar: the Last Airbender (on Amazon Prime). 

-The Entomophagist

*These shows may contain content that some Board readers may prefer not to view.


Dear Ashley,

Q and I really like watching TV. So far together we've watched every single episode of New Girl (mostly on Netflix, but the most recent season is only on Hulu), Parks and Rec (Netflix), Gravity Falls (Hulu), Raising Hope (Netflix), and Brooklyn Nine-Nine (Hulu), and right now we're working our way through Community (Hulu). I don't know if we should be proud of ourselves or disgusted. But, I can't recommend those shows highly enough! They're all comedy type shows with 20 minute episodes, and I love them all dearly. Especially check out Raising Hope, because for some reason nobody's ever heard of it, but it has the most hilarious premise and best off-the-wall humor I've seen in a long time. 

I also recommend Modern Family and Arrested Development for more comedy, if for some reason you haven't seen them yet.

I have a penchant for mysteries, so if you like those as well, I would recommend Bones (Netflix), Criminal Minds (Netflix), The Mentalist, and Monk (oldie but a goodie). The good thing about crime shows is that they all have like a million seasons, so it will take you a while to get through the whole series.

And now for some random recommendations, I also enjoy Futurama (Netflix) and Cutthroat Kitchen (Netflix).



Dear friend,

Fourthing Brooklyn Nine Nine. My roommates used to watch that show a lot last winter semester and it is the funniest show I've ever watched. It kind of reminds me of Parks and Rec meets Psych, which is very much a good thing.

Fringe is older but another good one if you're into science-fiction-y goodness. The premise is an FBI agent enlists the help of an institutionalized scientist and his son to investigate a series of paranormal occurrences that seem to follow a pattern, but nobody knows who's behind them. Cautionary note, though: this is another series I would watch with a roommate and, because we both disliked violence and they'd seen the episodes before, we'd skip some episodes. It can get a little eerie at times.

Gravity Falls... actually kind of follows a similar premise if you replace the FBI agent and mad scientist with a twin brother and sister living with their (questionable but good-hearted) Grunkle Stan in a small, woodsy Oregon town where paranormal mysteries occur. This one's a gem because its humor is so absurd and delightful.

Also, in terms of guilty pleasures, Chopped and its evil sister-show Cutthroat Kitchen are entertaining, Cutthroat Kitchen slightly more so. Sometimes I watch them when sad and finish them slightly less sad, because who can be sad when they're watching someone trying to make gourmet food with a pumpkin on their head?

Happy watching!

-Van Goff


Dear Ashley,

I really don't watch very much TV, but I wanted to recommend Over the Garden Wall in Adelaide's honor, and because it is my favorite. It's not very long, but it's fantastic. You can find it on Hulu!

Keep it real,
Sherpa Dave