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Question #88777 posted on 01/15/2017 6:46 p.m.

Dear 100 Hour Board,

The full-time employees for the physical facilities dept at BYU receive a Christmas gift from the first presidency each year. This year it was an extra fancy triple combination with a little tree on the front cover and also on the binding. I am a student who works for physical facilities, and one of the full-time employees passed the gift along to me! I am in need of new scriptures anyway because the cover of my old scriptures recently ripped off (and because I'm sick of using a quad). Is there any way I can buy a matching fancy tree bible to go with this triple combination? I haven't been able to find one.

-Looking a Gift Horse in the Mouth

PS- My roommate thinks I should keep this special edition triple combination pristine by not reading it. She suggested putting it in a cool bookcase in my future home or something. Any thoughts on that? Half of me likes her idea, and the other half of me thinks that the gift was meant to be read.


Dear receiver,

My dad is also an employee for the church and got the same gift this Christmas, and since I needed new scriptures and he didn't, he passed his down to me! About a decade ago he received a different special edition triple combination for one Christmas and a matching bible the next. I wasn't able to find a matching bible sold online so my suggestion is to stay friends with this faculty member and hope that next Christmas they'll be equally generous.

To answer your second question, my triple combination came with a little insert titled "Caring For Your Fine Leather Scriptures". If your faculty member friend took it out of theirs before they gave it to you I'd be happy to share the entire insert with you if you'd like, but there was one paragraph that I really liked. It reads, "With normal use, the natural oils from your hands will improve the leather finish over time and make your book even more beautiful." I think that's a beautiful metaphor for reading the scriptures. So yes, I, at least, am planning on using my fine leather scriptures. I'll still try to be careful with them, but I do intend to read them, mark them up, and learn from them.

Enjoy your new scriptures, however you choose to use them!

-the Goose Girl