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Question #88807 posted on 01/28/2017 3:20 p.m.

Dear 100 Hour Board,

I imagine this is rather trivial but does the temple care if you use their white hair ties? Do they mind if I have non-white pins in my hair or a black hair tie?

-Temple Patron #7


Dear patron,

I don't know what the official stance of the temple is on this matter, though I agree with you that it is probably trivial. In the pamphlet Preparing to Enter the Holy Temple it states "When we do ordinance work in the temple we wear white clothing. This clothing is symbolic of purity and worthiness and cleanliness." As a teenager I asked this question to my mother who said she thought that as long as the pins or hair ties are a neutral or not loud color then they are fine, and I agree with that.

Ultimately, I'd say listen to the Spirit. If wearing hair ties that aren't white makes you feel uncomfortable, use the white ones. But I personally don't think the Lord cares about the color of our hair ties as much as the fact that we are going to the temple.

Much love,

-the Goose Girl