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Question #88835 posted on 01/25/2017 4:58 p.m.

Dear 100 Hour Board,

How is the new semester going?

-Winter Quarter


Dear Winter,

It is fantastic! I haven't skipped a class yet!

Four days later:

I still have managed to not skip a class, but my mornings are becoming increasingly like the scene from Big Hero 6 where they're trying to out-drive the nanobots and Wasabi and Honey Lemon keep arguing "We're gonna make it!" "We're not gonna make it!" "We're gonna make it!" except instead of Wasabi and Honey Lemon I'm arguing with myself and instead of outrunning the nanobots I'm trying to get ready in time to catch the bus.

Well, I felt prepared for about a week there.

-the Goose Girl


Dear Winter Wind,

Unlike the Goose Girl, I have already skipped a class.

However, I think that this is going to be a fantastic semester. So far I've been meeting my goal to be more social and make my life less academia-centric, which is great. Another wonderful thing is that I've been continuing my practice of attending a session in the temple every week. I absolutely love my job (even though I am bit nervous at the same time, wondering if I'm actually doing well interacting with students and such). Something unexpectedly amazing is that I've randomly run into several old friends that just got off their missions. My classes are challenging (no surprises there), but also really interesting (except for the physics application problems...those are not fun). 

To my surprise, thus far, this semester has actually been less busy than I was expecting. I still have a fairly heavy course load, but can generally get stuff done without spending 12 hours on campus per day (there's only been one day that I spent over 13 hours on campus!). 

We'll see if my outlook is still as bright once midterms start hitting.



Dear Nauvoo,

If you can't tell by the fact that I've pretty much disappeared off the face of the Board, it's so so busy. For the past week and a half I've been leaving my apartment by 6:50 AM at the latest, and I usually don't get home till around 10:00 PM. I'm taking a class that meets every single day from 8 to 12, but in actuality I have to travel to places like Lehi and Lindon to be at schools there by 7:20 AM, so that's fun. Time spent in that class alone is more than a part-time job, plus I have an actual part-time job, a 15 credit course load, and so much homework.

This might be the semester that finally kills me, from sleep deprivation if nothing else.

But other than all of that, it's a good semester! I made it a goal to do at least one really fun thing a week, and so far so good!



Dear person,

8 fewer credit hours than last semester. 10/10 would recommend.



Dear Winter,

If we're talking about everything and life in general, it's going just swimmingly. If we're talking just classes, well, I'm surviving. It's not as if my classes are really that hard this semester, I've just been pretty sick and then had lingering symptoms for like 5 days now, so I haven't been functioning at top speed... I'm a little behind on some reading.

Other than that though, I've been really busy which is exactly how I like it. I have a lot of different things I'm involved in, and I've been pleasantly surprised that I'm not completely swamped with responsibilities, so I'm happy.

Keep it real,
Sherpa Dave 


Dear Winter Soldier,

This sums up my feelings so far.

-Van Goff