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Question #88937 posted on 02/15/2017 4:11 p.m.

Dear 100 Hour Board,

Since there are new writers and new relationships (or relationships recently revealed since I last asked). I'm going to re-ask questions Board Question #85645 ad Board Question #85646. (I'm specifically looking at you, Spectre (also what do you your's and Tally's rings look like) and Alta).



Dear Lillith,

Q and I got engaged at the ice castles in Midway a couple weeks ago. That was the first date we ever went on together a little over a year ago, and we had been ring shopping a couple weeks earlier, so I was expecting to get engaged that night.

I went over to his apartment with my hopes up high, but when I got there, Q was sitting in the dark by himself eating a bowl of soup, and everything about his entire demeanor made it seem like absolutely nothing was out of the ordinary. I finally cracked and asked him if he even had the ring yet, because when we went shopping I only picked out a couple of my favorites, but the final decision and when to buy it was up to him. He told me that he had emailed the ring guy the day before, and should be able to pick it up in a couple days, which convinced me that he really wasn't planning on proposing that night. When I reached that realization I was devastated, because I had really been expecting it then.

As we drove to the ice castles I was grumpily saying things like, "I can't believe you didn't plan on proposing tonight! Clearly it would have been the best time possible. You can never recreate our first date again." Apparently he was smiling out of the window of his car as he drove and hoping I didn't notice, as he said things like, "You're right, I'm sorry, I should have planned better. I've just been so busy lately." I wasn't going to ruin the whole date by being upset, so I decided to get over myself and have a good time. 

At the ice castles we met up with some of our friends. One of them is an art major, and she had a nice camera with her, supposedly for an art project she was working on. We asked her to take a picture of us on a cute little ice bench, and she happily obliged. Q dropped his phone on the ground and got down to pick it up, as I paid absolutely no attention to what he was doing. He said my name, and I looked over to see him on one knee, holding a ring. I was completely shocked, because I was absolutely convinced that we weren't getting engaged that night, and apparently I started sliding around on the bench saying, "Oh my gosh! No way!" After I got ahold of myself I said yes, and it was the most magical, perfect way to get engaged that I could possibly imagine. We're planning on getting married this summer, and I'm so excited. All I want to do is plan my wedding instead of doing homework, but apparently homework is also important.

Oh, and here's my ring. I'm slightly obsessed with it.




Dear Tiger,

My Dream Proposal: Ideally, this would be the kind of experience that just felt perfect in every way. It would be private, and the guy would fill it with touches of my favorite things. Also, no matter how the guy does it, I'll probably cry.

My Perfect Ring: Something elegant, beautiful, and with either diamonds or a stone like moissanite. However, I'd also possibly consider a sapphire ring.



Dear friend,

Behold, my dream ring. My spouse and I will have matching ones, naturally. Only the finest for our love.

-Van Goff the Single


Dear Ileana,

Hm, apparently you have taken quite the break from reading since last May. No matter, I will gladly show more pictures of our rings and stuff.

I just looked through my previous answers and apparently I never shared how I proposed so I will now. We had looked at rings at Sierra West a few times and decided which one she wanted but I didn't want to buy it until I talked to her dad so I just took the order number and saved it for 2 weeks. Those 2 weeks were agonizingly long because I just wanted to propose and every time we went anywhere Tally started thinking "Is this it?" but it never was. Then I ordered the ring and called her dad on a Friday, picked it up on Monday and proposed on Wednesday. 

That night Tally came down to Provo and we had dinner at Village Inn. Afterwards we started driving home and I said I wanted to go on a walk around the City Center Temple but that I needed to use the bathroom first so we went back to my apartment (yeah it was a pretty lame excuse but she was sort of expecting it by now so she was going along with it). When we got to my apartment I used the bathroom (to not lie completely) then grabbed the ring box from my room. The thing is, ring boxes are super big. I always wondered why you see some people propose with just a ring instead of in the ring box and now I know why. It's hard hiding a box that big in your pocket. Still, I wanted to propose with the box and all so I stuffed it in my pocket and the bulge was pretty obvious but I told myself it wasn't just so I could get out the door and actually do it. I walked out to go to the car with Tally and later she told me she immediately saw the bulge in my pocket and that I was trying to hide it. We got to the temple and I wanted to propose by the family statue on the north side. I was about to when suddenly a couple appeared with a photographer and they were doing some sort of reenactment of their first date because they kept doing the same things over and over again, like different takes. So instead we walked to the edge of the gardens on the west side. I finally proposed with some words that I had prepared beforehand and she said yes. 

Now here's some pictures of our rings:



Her ring is white gold with a blue sapphire and a crown that is shaped like a flower with diamonds in each petal. Here's a better look at it.

My ring is tungsten with 2 small ridges cut into the outer most parts. 

If you want to know more about our relationship/wedding check out Board Question #86826 and Board Question #87906.