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Dear 100 Hour Board,

IS 201 has me overwhelmingly worried about my ability to make it into the Accounting program. I might get a B if I perform how I expect. Being an accountant is my dream job! What do I do with my life if I'm not accepted into the major?

- Single Aspiring Accountant

P.S Im not married so leaving BYU wouldnt be the best either


Dear Single Aspiring Accountant,

I'll let other writers answer the bulk of your question, I just want to throw out there that plenty of people get married outside of BYU, so......


- Haleakalā


Dear you,

Depending on what appeals to you about accounting, you could major in Actuarial Science, Economics, or Statistics, which are all open enrolment majors. You could also apply to the Management major and see if you get into that one. Also, although Information Technology isn't necessarily similar to accounting, I feel like there are some common elements as far as learning style goes. 

You also could consider transferring schools. I don't know if UVU or other Utah schools have accounting majors, but as Haleaskfhebajak says, it's totally possible to get married at a non-church school. Also, it's much easier to transfer to an out of state school as a single person, because you don't have the issue of uprooting your spouse's education or job. 


posted on 02/20/2017 6:35 p.m.
University of Utah and Utah State University both have decent accounting programs that are recruited from by the Big 4. Because I got a B in one of my prereq classes I didn't get into the BYU Accounting program, so I transferred to Utah State, went to UNLV for Masters and now work as a senior at PwC. If you don't care whether or not you work for the Big 4 then you could go to literally any accredited accounting program and get a job in industry or a loca/regional firm.
posted on 02/20/2017 11:49 p.m.
One of my roommates got a BS in Economics at BYU and then obtained an MS in Accounting at UNLV. A few months ago, he passed his last exam to become a CPA! Accounting at BYU is competitive, economics notsomuch.

Also, going to BYU isn't the only way to find your spouse. Heck it's not even a GOOD way. My university ward in New Mexico had a MUCH higher rate of people getting hitched than any of my singles wards in BYU. Less selection, yes, but A LOT less competition ;-)