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Question #89029 posted on 02/23/2017 2:34 a.m.

Dear 100 Hour Board,

Here's the scenario: you ask someone on a date*, and they seem sincerely happy that you asked them. They later text you for the details and mention that they're excited for the date.

How much does this say about their interest level in you? I mean, I guess I know it could mean something, but how likely is it to not mean anything? That they're open about looking forward to the date, but not necessarily interested in you?

-Romantic Comedian

*The date is mildly unique, but not something so awesome that you can't help be excited about it.


Dear Rom-Com,

As all-knowing as we Board writers aim to be, we are not the person in question. Humans are complex. Without some background context, witness to the actual conversation, and... like... unbarred access into this person's head, we can't really promise you what she means.

She sounds pretty enthusiastic, though, so I bet she values your company a lot and is really looking forward to the date! Good luck. Don't overthink it, friend. Just have a good time, and you'll probably be able to sense her interest by how the date goes.

-Van Goff


Dear RC,

Context would definitely help us analyze the situation, but in my experience talk like that signals more enthusiasm about the date than the person. 

As someone who doesn't go on dates very often, being asked is usually a source of excitement even if I'm not particularly interested in the person. As someone who's both terrible at and afraid of expressing my feelings, I would be less enthusiastic if I knew I was interested in the person and if I wasn't interested in the person. But if it were someone for whom I have no particular regard, for good or bad, I wouldn't feel the need to act any way other than how I actually felt.

Of course, my experience might be totally different from the norm, but those are my two cents.




Dear RomCom

As a counterpoint to everyone else so far, it sounds to me like she's interested. Initiating conversations via text can be really hard, and often girls will take any excuse they can get to start one. She knows that you already know she's excited about the date, so telling you that again seems more like an invitation to have a longer conversation. Texting when not strictly necessary is something that most girls I know do with guys they're interested in, not with guys they don't care about that much.

I hope you have a wonderful date with her!



Dear reader,

I'm with Alta on this one. She totally digs you and is really excited to go out with you! I send my earnest congratulations to you as this is something many human beings struggle with finding. Though you may be tempted to be a little awkward because you have an inkling that she likes you, just be yourself because that is what made her excited in the first place!

Happy dating!

-Sunday Night Banter


Dear You,

I can't speak for this specific girl, but I do know that I've texted guys in this manner that I'm not necessarily interested in before. However, that's not to say this girl isn't interested in you. Keep in mind that someone's interest level before a single date isn't at all indicative of where any potential relationship could go, though. No matter if she's interested in you or not right now, that's not to say she'll never be. 

Feel free to ignore this advice, but I'd say to just go ahead and enjoy your date without worrying how much the girl is interested in you beforehand. If it's fun, then ask her on another one. 



Dear RC,

You at least know that she's looking forward to the date. That's a lot better than going on a date with someone who's reluctant about the whole thing.

Really, it's hard for anyone to know how interested they actually are until after at least two dates. That's how I see it anyway. Before that, interest is really just about whether or not you'd like to get to know someone better. It sounds like she's at least that interested. So try not to worry and just have fun!