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Question #89033 posted on 02/24/2017 8:28 a.m.

Dear 100 Hour Board,

What is the best sport to watch?
What is the best sport to play?
What sport bests defines human performance?

-My Name Here


Dear person,

Hockey is the most fun to watch.

Hockey is also the most fun to play.

As for the sport that best defines human performance... well, cheetahs run faster, monkeys are stronger, kangaroos jump higher, and dogs play fetch and keep away and tug of war better, and dolphins swim faster and more gracefully. So the sport that best defines human performance is probably chess or something.



Dear you,

Soccer is the best to play.

Football is the best to watch, if we're talking on a TV so you can fast forward during the boring parts.




Dear friend,

1) Soccer's fun to watch because something's going on the whole time without any major breaks or interruptions. With football they're stopping every couple of minutes and it's just like, what are they doing? They just stopped five seconds ago, why are they huddling again? Will this madness ever end? Soccer's a comfortable hour long and people are running around the whole time.

2) Tennis. Tennis is good because you don't need to assemble up a whole team to play it. You just need two people for singles so I feel like it's more lifelong and sustainable. You can play basketball or soccer with one or two people, too, but tennis is just so low-key.

3) Not sure if this is a "sport," technically, but I'm feeling like the Olympics might qualify. You've got Greco-Roman roots, human athleticism represented in every facet, and the celebration of cultures coming together to compete.

-Van Goff