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Question #89045 posted on 02/26/2017 9:23 a.m.

Dear 100 Hour Board,

What is the origin of the gif in Board Question #88984?

-Ansem (who is actually not Ansem but who is Riku disguised as the heatless of Xehanort, but not the real Xehanort - the Xehanort who possessed Terra...who I guess is the real Xehanort, and not the fake one.)


Dear I Only Played 358/2 So You're Xemnas Now,

Supernatural, apparently. 

-Van Goff


Dear Van Goff,

You only played 358/2 Days? That's kind of a weird one because it just fills in gaps from the other games. I'm sorry that was your only experience with Kingdom Hearts but it does warm my soul that you have some experience with it.

Dear Terranort,

Technically the heartless of Xehanort that possessed Riku WAS the real Xehanort because it was Xehanort's heart/soul/spirit that took over Terra in the first place so even though it looks like the Terra who was possessed by Xehanort (unofficially called Terranort) it is the same inner being who is now possessing Riku.



Dear Everyone,




-Frère Rubik is laughing because, while the descriptions of plot/character offered by Spectre and the reader sound downright loony, he understood every word of them.

P.S. FYI, that fight against Ansem/Riku in Hollow Bastion right before you turn into a heartless and revive Kairi in KH1 is probably the boss that I took the longest to finally beat. Like, longer than either of the Sephiroth battles in KH1 or KH2 or anything in Re:CoM. I hated it sooooo much.