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Question #89055 posted on 02/26/2017 5:46 p.m.

Dear 100 Hour Board,

It's always been fun for me and my friends to share and speculate over dreams. (of the sleeping variety, not as in "hopes and dreams") Recently we discovered that while some us of tend to dream from our own point-of-view (like me), others dream as more of an out-of-body experience, watching themselves like watching a movie. I'm curious to know which you guys tend to experience, and possibly which appears to be more common. Thoughts?

-Nap Queen


Dear person,

I almost always dream from my own point of view, although I have occasionally "watched" dreams that I wasn't a character in.

So, one point for team first person.



Dear Nap Queen,

My dreams (when I can remember them at all; typically I sleep well, so I don't wake up in time to remember them) are almost always realistic enough for me to not know they're dreams until I wake up. I think that means that they're always in first person, and from my own point of view (I don't dream I'm someone else).

-The Entomophagist


Dear Napster,

I cannot recall any dreams where I've been a different person. However, I haven't always dreamt in the first person, as in the dream will be narrated in the third person (but I also do this when I'm awake, so it's not super surprising that it shows up in my dreams). Along with that, I'll sometimes see myself in the dream, but I'll still be me (so a kind of out of dream-body experience). Having said that, the norm for me is to dream from my own perspective.

I actually can occasionally lucid dream. These dreams are the best because I'm aware that I can do absolutely anything, and so I do. This only happens when I realize that I'm dreaming, however, which is normally only with nightmares. Funnily enough, I won't realize I'm dreaming in a non-nightmare, even with something really bizarre. As an example, the other night I was dreaming that I was on a bus with holes in the floor, and there were men curled up at the end of every row of seats with live porcupines wrapped around their necks. Like, they had abnormally long, skinny necks that the porcupines were clinging to. Everyone else on the bus had to be extremely careful about moving slowly, otherwise the porcupines would shoot out their sharp quills at them.

Another kind of weird thing I can do is solve problems in my dreams. I've written poems while dreaming, and even solved  math equations and come up with computer code (I don't really do homework while dreaming anymore, though, because I want to take a break from thinking about school sometime).

There are two dreams in particular that I've had that were very...different. I don't actually remember one of them, except as soon as I woke up, I knew that somehow in this dream, I was able to perfectly remember every single dream I'd ever had. I knew they were dreams at the time, too. It was like I was accessing the memory of my subconscious. The other dream occurred when I was very young. I don't remember how old I was when I had it, but I seem to remember it being before I started kindergarten. Anyways, in this dream, I was all grown up. I was dressed all in white, sitting on a white couch in a white room next to my two white-clad sisters. We had all already died, and were now about to watch our lives on the big black screen directly in front of us. As the movie of our lives started rolling, it was like I was reliving all those moments, unaware that this time I was actually just a spectator.



Dear Nappy,

I often dream in the 1st person, but that person is not myself. Like, I am aware that I am not the Lone Musketeer but, say, the queen of England. Not like I, the Lone Musketeer, became the queen of England, but I am the old lady who is currently the queen of England. I've had a lot of weird dreams like that. But then again, remember what I dream about almost every day.


The Lone Musketeer 


Dear Queenie,

Similar to The Lone Musketeer, I dream in the first-person but am generally not "me" in my dreams. For example, last night I dreamt that I was a gladiator in Ancient Rome and kept running away whenever my opponent attacked until he stopped me and we had a heart-to-heart about why when he tried to stab me, it hurt my feelings. We then kindled a friendship, threw our weapons aside, and he said that he liked my hair. Russell Crowe would be so proud.

It felt like me in the sense that I was the gladiator, but it wasn't me. It was some random gladiator that I thought was me during the dream. No idea why my subconscious threw that together, though.

-Van Goff