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Question #89071 posted on 04/01/2017 11:38 a.m.

Dear 100 Hour Board,

I decided I want to go to BYUH post mission (leaving in May!!!). Unfortunately, I made this decision after the Feb 1 deadline. Some more pertinent info: I have an associates, I am completing my first year in Provo, serving 24 months, and I really want to go.
What are some ways/How can I apply and defer so I can go in for Fall 2019?
Additionally- do you know of any additional construction or campus improvements that will be made there before I return, outside of the additional on-campus housings?



Dear lilikoi,

Sorry for the delay, the writer who began this answer hasn't been able to answer it.

Really, your best resource would be to contact BYU Hawaii and follow their instructions, they'll be able to communicate the intricacies of deferring and transferring far better than us. What they don't know could certainly be answered by the BYU registrar's office (801-422-2631), whose job it is to know this kind of thing.


--Ardilla Feroz