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Question #89081 posted on 03/15/2017 8 a.m.

Dear 100 Hour Board,

For each of the other writers, which quality of theirs do you most admire/wish you had?



Dear Windrose,

Yay, so much writer love!

Anathema: Anathema is endlessly intelligent, and she's genuinely excited about learning. Sometimes I think of college as this awful interim that I put up with because it will allow me to do something I love with my life later on, but Anathema truly loves her classes and learning, which is very admirable. She's always applying whatever new information she just learned to some aspect of her life, or excitedly telling someone about it, and I love that.

Anne, Certainly: She gives the best advice. When she takes on advice or opinion questions she doesn't do so because it seems easy, or to just write down a few discombobulated thoughts, but to give an amazingly well-thought out, well organized, logical answer that changes the way I think or do things. 

Ardilla Feroz: He's exciting and adventurous, but he's also very much a real person. I don't think I've ever met anybody else who has had as many crazy cool experiences as Ardilla, and I love how he takes life by the horns to get as much from it as he possibly can. But at the same time, he doesn't glorify his life and make it seem like it's all roses; on the contrary he's willing to talk about his trials and challenges, as well, and that's really cool.

Auto Surf: Auto is truly one of the most compassionate, caring, thoughtful people I've ever met. She genuinely cares about other people, even people she's never met, and she's really good at letting that shine through in her interactions with others, so it's basically impossible to not love her.

Curious Physics Minor: He still makes time to be our webmaster and occasionally answer questions even though he has a real life now, and I really appreciate that.

Dr. Occam: I get the impression that he's a super smart guy, but in an approachable way. He has such a good basis of fact for all his answers, but he writes them in a way that's engaging and while injecting humor into the situation, and I love it.

Frere Rubik: He's so friendly. Whenever I run into him on campus he always says something, even if that means he has to yell my name from across a large crowd of people. Especially when I was a new writer that went a long way in helping me feel accepted on the Board.

Haleakala: He's so measured. He has strong opinions and will defend them, yet he's not pushy about them. Going along with that, he seems very thoughtful. When he shares an opinion on something, it's not just some random idea that he has because other people have said it, it's something that he seems to have thought about and researched to reach his own conclusion, and that's something I wish more people did.

Kirito: All Kirito's answers serve a purpose. If he's going to answer a question, he's going to answer it well and really contribute something to the discussion. He has a very cool writing style where he stays focused on facts rather than himself, but still lets his personality shine through, and I appreciate that.

Luciana: Luciana is courageously open about her experiences. She never shies away from answering a question with a personal life experience, even when doing so might be difficult or make her very vulnerable. But I really admire how brave she is about that, and how empathetic she is when others are struggling.

Sheebs: She's so nice! I've only met her once, but it was when she decided to host a waffle party for all the writers because apparently she's a saint (so I can also say that I wish I had her waffle-making ability). I also really admire her breadth of knowledge, because she's able to answer questions about physics and math as well as psychology and exercise science, and how did she even become so smart?

Sherpa Dave: He just seems like a good-natured guy. He picks up questions that nobody else does, and then does a good job with them. His answers are funny, yet well-researched, and he seems very open and inviting in all of them.

Spectre: It is so sweet how in love he is with Tally M. Obviously I'm not a part of their relationship or anything, so I can't speak from personal experience here, but it seems like he's super caring and thoughtful, and willing to go the extra mile to help her and make her happy, and it's just really adorable.

Squirrel: She just seems to be likeable. I wish I had a more articulate way to say it, but she seems like a very laid-back, cool, fun person to be around, and I feel like she conveys that well in her answers.

Sunday Night Banter: I love how passionate he is about the things he cares about. Be it sports or his wife or the gospel, he seems to put a lot of effort into the things that matter to him, and not just take them for granted.

The Entomophagist: I appreciate his sense of responsibility, as well as his dedication to the Board. He's really good at picking up questions that nobody else has touched and getting them done, which can sometimes be a pretty thankless task, but he's willing to do it, always mixing them in with more personal ones.

The Entropy Ninja: I am in awe of her intelligence. She knows a lot about a lot of things, but she can explain it in a way that makes sense even to someone who knows nothing about it, which is a very valuable talent.

the Goose Girl: Goosey (as I like to abbreviate her name on the Board) is very kind. She's always willing to stop and talk to other people, and she's so dang nice when she does. I can't pinpoint what it is specifically, but she's just one of the nicest people I've met.

The Lone Musketeer: She's so personable. When she first became a writer, I was her TA for a class where I personally was basically in charge of her final grade, so for professional reasons I had to limit my contact with on the Board until she was no longer my student. And as soon as final grades for that class were in, I was so excited because it meant I could be friends with her! She's easy to talk to, she's funny, she's good at conversation, and overall just a fun person to be around.

Van Goff: Van Goff is sensitive and kind, and always writes such authentic answers that seem to be dripping with empathy and kindness, but without being cloying or self-righteous. 

Zedability: I've always admired how up to date she stays with current events. Even with a baby and a job and school she still stays informed, and always gives very well-thought out answers to any questions she takes on. I love how she blends in gospel perspectives with a lot of her political answers, as well, because it helps me to see things in a new light.



Dear Windrose,

This is going to be a little difficult for me for a couple of reasons. The main one is that I've never personally met Squirrel, Sunday Night Banter, The Entropy Ninja, or Van Goff, and I've only had brief interactions with Alta, Anathema, Haleakalā, Kirito, Sherpa Dave, The Goose Girl, and The Lone Musketeer; in other words, I haven't been a writer very long. The other big reason is that I'm just bad at words of affirmation, but I'm trying to be better at it, so I'm gonna give this a go anyway.

I don't think I've seen Alta more than once, and that was at a reader/writer meet-up before I wrote for the Board. Similar to my comments on Ardilla Feroz below, I was impressed by how friendly and interested in meeting new people she was. I'm very secure in my introversion, and I don't think I really need to change who I am, but sometimes I wish I enjoyed making new friends more, and Alta is someone I look up to in that regard.

Anathema has a great taste in books. I haven't really gotten a chance to get to know her very well, but I think we could be really good friends, just based on our shared love of J. R. R. Tolkien and Terry Pratchett. 

I wish I could give all my answers like Anne, Certainly does. When I started writing for the Board, I wanted to be able to give these detailed, well-researched answers to hard and/or hypothetical questions, even if I didn't know very much about the topic before. Unfortunately, I've been really busy with other parts of my life over the past several months, but I always look up to her and how she has kept up with the Board for so long, even while going to law school of all things.

I first met Ardilla Feroz long before I thought about writing for the Board, and it didn't even cross my mind that he was a writer until I ran into him at a reader/writer meet-up eight months later. It struck me how friendly, outgoing, and genuinely interested in getting to know people he was, and I really wish I could be more like him in that way.

Like many other writers, I admire how vulnerable Auto Surf is willing to be in order to help other people who have similar problems to the ones that she faces. I think this shows how much she truly cares about everyone around her.

I get the feeling that Dr. Occam is the kind of person who will give good advice in a considerate way when asked, but never tries to make people change who they are or what they believe. I feel like he really respects other people's opinions and experiences.

Frère Rubik is great. He does an amazing job writing intelligent, engaging answers on the Board, and he really is as funny as Luciana and Sheebs say he is. I recently had a chance to read some short stories he wrote, and I don't think I've ever felt so many emotions from so few words. He really is an all-around excellent human being.

I really admire how informed Haleakalā is about things going on in the world. A fairly recent example of this was answering questions on the implications of the Affordable Care Act, which, like many laws, is entirely too complicated and arcane. Like I said about Anne, Certainly, I really wish that I could be so motivated to spend time researching unfamiliar topics with so much detail.

I didn't meet Kirito until about six months after we started writing for the Board. One cool thing about him that I noticed when I did meet him was that he was a really good sport when we played Super Smash Bros. I don't remember if he was really good or not, but I do remember him staying really amiable and not getting overly competitive like I usually do.

When I first met Luciana, she was in the middle of taking some heat from some disgruntled readers, and I will always remember how gracious she was about sticking to her guns. The thoughts she expresses in her answers don't always coincide with the consensus at BYU or on the Board, but she's always sincere and considerate about expressing them.

Sheebs is, in all seriousness, one of the nicest people I know. She is always the first person to try to shift the tone of a conversation when it gets too negative. And yet, she doesn't come across as saccharine or "too nice" because she has this dry, sometimes sarcastic sense of humor that makes people laugh without demeaning anybody. 

Sherpa Dave hasn't been writing for very long, but even before he became a writer I was impressed by the way he can inject light-heartedness and good humor into pretty much any topic.

I remember reading the Board back before Tally M. and Spectre started dating. While I don't feel like I know either of them super well (better than I know some writers, but not nearly as well as some of the others know them), I think I can see how happy they make each other, which is something I hope I can do for someone else someday.

My keyboard suggests that I replace Squirrel with an emoji, so that's pretty cool. Unfortunately, emojis break the Board, so I can't show you. I've never really interacted with Squirrel, but her answers are really good.

I've never met him, but Sunday Night Banter come across to me as a very straight-laced guy. I'm not saying that the rest of us are terrible people, but sometimes here in Provo, when you're surrounded by other Mormons, you want to find ways to be different, and it's good to have someone around to discourage the rest of us from justifying deviations from the strictest standards.

Like I said, I've never met the Entropy Ninja, but she's always been one of my favorite writers. She has a way of explaining complicated science-y things that let's almost anyone understand it. As someone who has had plenty of opportunities to teach and tutor students about complex abstract concepts, I know how hard that can be, and she does a really good job of it.

I've only met the Goose Girl once, and I don't remember talking to her very much, but I do remember observing the quality that Luciana mentioned about her. It's really hard for me to talk to people who are kinda doing their own thing (perhaps in part because I sometimes just want to be left alone, not made to feel welcome), so I really admire that about her.

The Lone Musketeer works alone, and I really her independence.

It seems to me like Van Goff, like Auto Surf, has gone through a lot in life, and just wants to help others as a result. I really admire when people come out of hard times filled with charity rather than cynicism.

I really admire how Zedability stands up for what's right, especially in speaking out against inequality. My favorite thing that she's written recently isn't anything on the Board, but a series of letters to her congressional representative, bringing him to account for his lack of integrity in representing his district.

-The Entomophagist

PS: Sheebs, I think your description of me as a tough, crusty marshmallow is pretty accurate.

And Luciana, I think that might be the nicest thing anyone has every said about me :)


Dear WindRose,

I really admire how knowledgeable Alta is about health and fitness. I basically have no idea how to take care of myself, but Alta always seems to have good suggestions for exercising and eating right.

I appreciate how willing Anathema is to talk about personal experiences, because hearing about how other people experience the world helps me to better understand it. 

Anne, Certainly is always able to look at an issue logically, which is not only a great quality but often a much-needed perspective here on the Board.

Ardilla Feroz is wonderfully funny and entertaining both on and off the Board. He's fun and engaging, and because I am neither, those are qualities I really admire.

Auto Surf is seriously one of my favorite people. When I was just a little probie, she was the first writer to really reach out to me, and that meant the world to me. She's also smart and beautiful and kind and I love her.

I admire how willing Dr. Occam is to answer fact-based questions. Those generally require a larger time commitment than opinions, but Dr. Occam always seems to be answering them with aplomb.

Frere Rubik seems to be effortlessly hilarious. I have no idea how he's so funny in all of his answers but I'm continuously amazed by it.

I appreciate how Haleakala is willing and able to voice opinions that might not be the most popular. It takes some serious bravery to stand out from the majority, but he never shies away from it.

Kirito always seems to have thoughtful and well-researched answers to questions about the gospel, and that's something I really admire. Personal faith is a hard thing for me to talk about, even on the Board, so I love that Kirito is so willing to discuss his testimony.

I really admire the balance that Sheebs strikes with writing careful, well-researched answers and coming up with funny answers as well. She's also a blast to hang out with in person.

Sherpa Dave is one of the writers I haven't actually met in person, but on the Board he's always so friendly, which I sometimes struggle with. He's always so personable, and I really admire it.

Spectre has so many technical skills and so much computer knowledge that I'll probably never even be able to comprehend my own ignorance.

I haven't had the privilege of meeting Squirrel, but she sometimes picks up overdue answers that the rest of us haven't touched, which is amazing.

Sunday Night Banter is confident in saying what he thinks, and in standing up for what he believes in. I wish I was more like that.

The Entomophagist is willing to talk about hard things, and he does it in a way that is very sensitive and considerate.

The Entropy Ninja is whip-smart and passionate, which are qualities I greatly admire.

the Goose Girl is beautiful, and also very considerate of others. When in groups I tend to stay quiet and not talk much, but she always comes over and starts a conversation with me, which is always appreciated.

On occasion I'll see someone walking on the street or in my ward or something and know instinctively that I dislike the person. The Lone Musketeer is one of the few people for which I've had the opposite reaction: the first time I met her, I just liked her, automatically. I think I still only saw her at one Board party, but I recall her being lively and funny and overall just great to spend time with.

Van Goff is brave in ways that I will never understand. 

All of Zedability's answers are logical and collected. She always puts careful thought into things and I really admire that.




Dear Compass,

Alta is naturally bright, and I love that about her. She has this wonderful ability to see outside emotional fears and bad situations to all the good things that are constant and aren't determined by present circumstances. Basically she's the ideal optimist: not blind to negativity, but still able to focus on the positive that's always there.

Anne, Certainly gives the best advice. She is able to break down a complicated question into parts that enlighten understanding, and yet still form a cohesive whole.

Ardilla Feroz is super friendly. While I don't know him very well, from the few interactions I've had with him, I was struck with how easily he goes up to other people and initiates conversation.

Auto Surf is just one of the most caring and nice people. I've only met her twice, but she already feels like a friend (because she's just that awesome, and welcoming of other people).

Curious Physics Minor is so skilled at finding various esoteric statistics about the Board, and that's something I really admire.

Dr. Occam writes with such a great blend of well-researched, and dry comments.

Frère Rubik writes the best stories, and has a hilarious sense of humor.

Haleakalā is so well informed, like the other writers have said, and that's something I really admire and respect because I do not do a good job of keeping up with current events.

Kirito is able to express all of his answers in such a concise manner. I love how the points he makes are never repeats of other writers', but always add something new to the discussion.

Luciana always gracefully sticks to her own point of view while staying respectful others. This is actually a quality that I wish everyone in the world had more of.

Sheebs is so caring, and has such a wonderful sense of humor. I love the blend of compassion and humor she injects into all her answers. Also, I am in awe of the many different subjects of questions she answers.

Sherpa Dave gives such good, well-researched responses to the random questions that come in that none of us (or at least, I don't) have any idea of what the answer is.

Spectre is so great with technology. As someone who didn't learn how to turn on a computer till I was 12, this is something I greatly admire, and deeply wish I had.

Squirrel seems like such a fun person, judging from her answers.

Sunday Night Banter just seems like such a nice, straightforward person who knows his values and sticks with them.

The Entomophagist does a good job of explaining science and research in layman's terms.

The Entropy Ninja has such a passion for physics and science that comes out in her answers, and I love that.

The Goose Girl is so amazingly nice. Whenever I run into her on campus, it always makes my day better. Also, I'm jealous of her mad dancing skills.

The Lone Musketeer injects all her answers with this wonderful lightness.

Van Goff is so sensitive and kind, while still being witty and hilarious. 

Zedability writes the most wonderful nuanced answers on sensitive topics. I sincerely admire how she is able to take in so many sides of a situation. Reading her answers has made me more open minded, and more aware of the different facets of things.



Dear friend,

I love the opportunities to compliment fellow writers over the past few answers. These will be a little simple and sweet so the answer doesn't get too long. All of the writers are brilliant and hard-working people, and it's been enjoyable to write with them.

Alta: Alta is smart but in a quirky, creative sense. Her answers are factual as well as entertaining to read, which can be a hard balance to pull off. Reading her answers helps me learn so much but I also feel really entertained by them and often smile when reading them.

Anathema: Her writing voice reminds me of the whimsical fantasy books I used to read when younger. It is a gift. We've never met but based on her writing and what Board interactions we have had, she's so witty and intelligent. She's also really hard-working and seems like the kind of person who puts her mind to a thing and then accomplishes that thing without any excuses.

Anne, Certainly: Anne puts so much work into her answers and seems to have a strong base of knowledge to work with. I feel like I learn so much whenever she writes something. Her answers are well-researched and analyzes a question from many perspectives.

Ardilla Feroz: Again, Ardilla Feroz and I have never met, but I really look forward to meeting him someday! He's so free-spirited and individualistic, and it seems like he just lives his life based on his own terms rather than expectations anyone else has set for him.

Auto Surf: Auto Surf's answers are both vulnerable and very courageous. It's hard to put yourself out there and talk about personal things, but she does it and helps a lot of readers (speaking as one who was once a reader) by doing so.

CPM: CPM does a lot of work for the Board even though, because he is graduated, he totally isn't obligated to. His kindness and commitment to the Board is pretty awesome.

Dr. Occam: Dr. Occam's writing style is one part analytical and one part randomly hilarious. His answers are so much fun to read but also well-researched and reputable. Also, his 'nym is awesome.

Frere Rubik: Frere Rubik is awesome! The humor he puts into his answers has kept me smiling ever since I was a reader. He's hilarious and friendly, and his answers have perspectives that are interesting but also one-hundred percent unique. His writing voice is distinct and really fun to read.

Haleakalā: Haleakalā seems like a laid-back but also good-hearted guy. His answers have a kind-of wise feeling to them, but they also have a healthy sense of humor to balance that. He seems like someone who is comfortable in his own skin, which is a really admirable thing.

Kirito: Kirito's answers have a really strong sense of friendliness to them. I especially love reading his gospel-centric answers because his perspective feels like one that tries to meet the reader at their level rather than put himself above them, which is very mature. This is kind of dorky, but he also reminds me of a FHE buddy from freshman year who was super into anime and one of the kindest guys I've ever met, so I just automatically like him.

Luciana: Luciana is two things: brave and confident. When reading her answers, I am struck by how unafraid she is to stand by her viewpoints and be who she is, regardless of what would be easier to write or say. Her answers also have a foundation of kindness about them, and she makes sure to give advice but also empathy when helping a reader deal with a hard thing.

Sheebs: I look up to Sheebs as both a writer and a human being. Her answers are carefully researched but also good-hearted to the core. Through reading her answers, it's easy to tell that she cares about people a lot, even people she's never met, and wants to help them.

Sherpa Dave: Sherpa Dave is so friendly and non-judgmental. He seems like a guy who would be fun to hang out and just talk about whatever with. The backstory behind his 'nym is interesting, though I always laugh when reading his short and simple answer here.

Spectre: Spectre's knowledge about analytical subjects is really admirable to me, as someone who finds it hard to understand technical things. Also, his passion for Kingdom Hearts is beautiful.

Squirrel: Squirrel and I haven't had a lot of interactions, but her answers are informative and friendly. She sometimes voices opinions that aren't always the most popular one, which is a brave and admirable thing to do.

Sunday Night Banter: Sunday Night Banter just seems like a really kind and personable guy! His sports answers are interesting to read in particular because I don't know a lot about the culture surrounding sports, but his answers are to the brim with passion for what he loves.

The Entomophagist: He puts an insane amount of work into his answers, even the ones that are really difficult or seemingly impossible to answer. He analyzes a question and answers it from a very practical and scientific perspective. I admire that so much and wish I had a strong understanding of science like him. 

TEN: TEN is smart and witty. We haven't really interacted yet, but her answers are very knowledgeable and wrapped in a strong foundation of confidence. 

The Goose Girl: The Goose Girl's answers are just so kind and understanding. She feels really approachable and welcoming. Also, her taste in books is wonderful.

The Lone Musketeer: The Lone Musketeer's sense of humor is one I admire a lot and find very enjoyable. It's light but also friendly. Sometimes humor can be a little cynical or dark, but she is hilarious while still keeping a good-natured tone. Even her 'nym is lighthearted.

Zedability: Zedability tackles hard questions and analyzes them from many perspectives to help educate readers who might not be familiar with a certain issue but also give a very nuanced view of a situation. She is also open about hard things to talk about, and she writes about them in a way that is meant to help the reader feel less alone. Her gospel answers in particular have given me a lot of comfort because they are so authentic. We need more of that.

-Van Goff


Dear Windrose,

Alta is enthusiastic.

Anathema is persistent.

Anne, Certainly is reliable.

Ardilla Feroz is adventurous.

Auto Surf is empathetic.

CPM is frank.

Dr. Occam is rational.

Haleakalā is self-assured.

Kirito is curious.

Luciana is brave.

Sheebs is kind-hearted.

Sherpa Dave is honest.

Spectre is determined.

Squirrel is patient.

Sunday Night Banter is genuine.

The Entomophagist is driven.

TEN is resilient.

The Goose Girl is graceful.

The Lone Musketeer is witty.

Van Goff is welcoming.

Zedability is strong.

-Frère Rubik


Dear person,

I will preface this by saying there are some writers I know better than others, so I have more to gush about for them. I love everyone though. Clearly, we need to hang out more so we can just gush and gush even more warm fuzzies everywhere.

Alta is thoughtful. She answers questions and thoughtfully anticipates where elaboration will be helpful to the reader. Like that time when she wrote and gave thorough explanations of different kinds of religious terms where I just spouted off on random stuff without regard to the fact probably no one would care about my tangent/rant. Everything she does is quality and well thought out and deliberate. Also, did you read all the things she wrote about us? She is kind and really pays attention to others. I admire people like Alta. Everyone, be like Alta. 

Anathema is witty and seems really fun, I'm excited to meet her in person.

Anne, Certainly is one of my favourite people so it's hard to pick one thing. For every one part of delightful sarcasm there are a hundred more parts of kindness and caring. I don't know that I could ever pick favourites between her wit or warmth.

Ardilla Feroz is the stuff of legend. Really he is. I admire the adventurousness and sheer quirkiness. I have never met anyone else like him and I wish we were better friends because he is so cool.

Auto Surf is incredibly brave. Her courage is inspiring and humbling, the kind that makes me re-understand what courage means in the first place. 

CPM's generosity with the Board is truly great. He is an unsung hero. 

Dr. Occam I don't know very well and he is kind of enigmatic to me. I think he breaks every stereotype I subconsciously put him into in my brain, and I like mysterious people who defy subconscious categorization. I like his answers a lot and he is absolutely hilarious in person. I'm happy whenever I go to a Board thing and he and Zed are there.

Frère Rubik is so funny that I am seething with good-natured jealousy. Also, he has great taste in YouTube videos.

Haleakalā is good at everything that I'm bad at so every single time he writes pretty much anything I think, "How can anyone know anything about that?" So I'm pretty much perpetually in awe. Also, when he writes answers, he is on point and thorough. Also, he isn't dogmatic about his strongly held opinions. Lots of good stuff about Haleakalā.

Kirito is kind in a quiet way, and is fun to talk to about the gospel.

Luciana is bold and outspoken and yet, in my experience, forgiving. I think we secretly have a lot in common (I say secretly because I don't think it comes across in our writing, not because it's a real secret), yet I feel like she does it more... what is the word... kindly? Gracefully? I'm not sure what the right word is exactly. I have great admiration for her ability to not get hung up on differences despite her strong opinions and be friends. 

Sherpa Dave has a super cool 'nym. I haven't met him yet so I'm okay having that be my favourite thing about him for now. 

Spectre I don't know very well but he has a fantastic singing voice. And he is super cute to Tally. 

Squirrel is a nice person. I've only met her once in my time as a writer and she has been on hiatus a lot while I've been writing. Still, I appreciate her kindness and love of soil (not dirt).

Sunday Night Banter I haven't met. I like a lot of his answers to silly questions though. His silly answers tend to be outlandish and it's different than mine, which I really enjoy. I have a dry sense of humour, so I guess we could say he has a very moist sense of humour... actually, no, we can't say that.

The Entomophagist I feel like has this outer tough shell but on the inside I suspect he is a marshmallow because does really nice things for people. And for some reason I just love the tough shell inner marshmallow people of this world. (This could be a bad read on the tough shell part because we haven't had a ton of interactions, but this is the vibe I get and I enjoy it.) 

TEN is a tough cookie and is just full of spunk. Wish I knew her better because every interaction I have with her I think, "Wow, TEN is so cool."

The Goose Girl I feel like I have a special connection with because I answered her first question (source). I don't know her well, I've only met her once, but she is one of the writers I really want to get to know more. Like she just drops these intriguing hints of greatness in her answers. Like this one. How many people do you know who would choose DDR as the game they would play if their life depended on it? GG come and be friends. 

The Lone Musketeer has a very fun writing style. I greatly value fun. I appreciate the seriousness of many of the other writers but I love the lightheartedness that the Lone Musketeer brings to many of her posts. She is a breath of fresh air. 

I don't know Van Goff very well but the more I read, the more I am impressed. So much thoughtfulness with a good dose of humour to boot. VG also please come and be friends.

Zedability is incredibly wise and gives tactful, measured answers to all of the hard questions and shies away from nothing. And she does it with a lot of heart, too. 

Thanks for the chance for warm fuzzies.