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Question #89086 posted on 03/08/2017 9:08 a.m.

Dear Council of 100(+),

Why does the right knee in my pants always wear out first?

This phenomenon has been consistent across all pairs of pants I've ever had that I recall, from jeans to carhartts to kuhl. I am right legged, but I don't play soccer or do anything I can think of in which I use my right leg more. I sit in chairs and I cross my legs to either side evenly. Nor do I "take a knee" at all frequently (never gotten engaged and I'm not in scouts, soo...yeah), yet somehow all my /n/ test positive for this right-knee-wearing-out-first-symptom.

Do others experience this? For either left or right? What variables apply to your experience? Can we get to the bottom of this?

-A Two Legged Being


Dear person,

I'll take a guess based off my own experience and limited knowledge. My first hypothesis would be that there could be something subtly asymmetrical about how you walk.

I think there is probably something subtly asymmetrical about the way I walk. My left shoe always wears out slightly faster than my right shoe but there is nothing visibly asymmetrical about the way I walk, or else I probably would have found out in my orthopedic impairments class where we all studied our own and each other's gaits for at least two classes. I could be mildly overpronating (or even pronating more than my other foot but still within a normal range), or the angle of that foot relative to my direction of walking is slightly different than my other foot, or lots of other things I can't even think of because I forget a lot from my undergrad/never went further with it. It doesn't really worry me though, as asymmetry in general seems to be a pretty common thing in humans (by the way, this may not be the most relevant article I could have pointed out here, I have zero expertise in this area).

Going back to you, there is a lot of variation possible for knees as well. They are quite complicated structures that are implicated in many movements in relation to many other body structures (hips, feet, and so on). I started to make guesses but then felt really unqualified to even conjecture because talking about non-hypothetical slightly medical/body-related things makes me irrationally nervous even though we have a disclaimer saying we aren't medical professionals. Always remember, we don't know anything.



Dear you,

You probably get on your knees more often than you realize - when you drop something, when you have to plug something into a difficult to reach outlet, when you're praying, etc. My guess is that you tend to use that knee more often than the other one.