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Question #89101 posted on 03/10/2017 7:06 p.m.

Dear Cooks (or really, anyone) of the 100 Hour Board,

I'm looking for places to buy sometimes-uncommon spices for good prices (caraway and fennel seed, for instance), specifically where I can get them at the lowest price per weight—bulk would be great. Though Walmart and Maceys have been satisfactory enough for the basics, it's difficult to find certain less-common products at local grocery stores—and even when I do find them, it turns out to be a 1-2 oz. bottle with the "Organic!" label pasted on front, going for around $10.

Are there any places around here where [Utah/Salt Lake County] I can by spices in bulk? What other options are out there? Any comments are appreciated.

-Likes to cook, loves to eat

P.S. It would also be nice to know where to find rye flour in good amounts too; Utah seems to be lacking in that area. Though WinCo appears to sell it in bulk in other stores out-of-state, the certainly don't sell it at their Orem location!


Dear sumac,

Off the top of my head, the best places to buy a small amount of loose spices are the spice containers at Sprouts Market in Orem or the spice section of WinCo in Orem. You measure it out into little bags and weigh it from there. This is a decent way to get smaller amounts of spices you might be trying for the first time.

The cheapest way to buy less-common spices in bulk, of course, is to hit up international markets. The Asian Market on 42 N. 500 W. in Provo is a good one for Chinese and Southeast Asian products (and sells fennel seed in significant quantities, I believe), as is Qaderi's Sweetz and Spices up in Salt Lake for a wider selection of Indian and Pakistani products that might be difficult to procure elsewhere. Pars Market in SLC has Iranian products, and I also know where to find Ethiopian, Iraqi/Middle Eastern and West African products as well as Dutch and German stuff. 

Caraway seed specifically I don't know about--I haven't actually used it, so I haven't looked for it... but I can ask around if you'd like.

I am on the road right now and haven't been able to answer this question as well as I would have liked, so if you are wanting a more comprehensive list of places to buy spices (and rye flour) in bulk in Utah, feel free to ask this question again in a few weeks or just send me an email at ardilla(dot)feroz(at)theboard.byu.edu.


--Ardilla Feroz from Tupiza, Bolivia

posted on 03/11/2017 10:09 p.m.
San Fancisco Herbs will sell you a pound of caraway for $3.80. That's a lot of caraway! Fennel is a bit less.

posted on 03/13/2017 9:54 p.m.
To the anonymous poster of the correction:

Yes, those websites that sell in bulk do look appealing, don't they? The only problem: They (or at least, that one does) ship it to you via UPS Ground for $11.31. Not exactly worth it, unfortunately.