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Question #89105 posted on 03/10/2017 3:22 p.m.

Dear 100 Hour Board,

I just got accepted to BYU! Any advice and/or funny stories about BYU and/or things I should know before I go? (Especially funny stories.)

-Very Excited


Dear person,

I loved my undergrad at BYU. I had a magical experience. I cried after my last class and felt empty at graduation. And there were many funny moments. So many. 

I guess if I had one piece of advice, it would be to not buy into the ugly part of BYU culture. And by that, I mean the part that says that appearances matter more than truth.

There are good people at BYU who will make your life great and people who will make your life not-so-great. Find the people who are truly good.



Dear Excitement That Will Surely Wane When The Endless Torrent Of Midterms Hits,

It was my very first day of classes at BYU. I was determined to start off my college career in the absolute best way possible, and of course leave great first impressions with everyone I met. My first class (Book of Mormon) went swimmingly. Leaving the JSB, I strode confidently in my favorite sandals to pick up some textbooks, cutting across the green grass on my way to the Wilk. Thus engaged, I was suddenly interrupted by a sharp stinging in the lower arch of my right foot. It felt like I had just gotten a painful shot there. Unlike a shot, however, the pain didn't subside after the initial flare; it intensified. Though I tried valiantly to maintain my previous walking pace, I was soon limping along, with bursts of increasing agony shooting up from my foot. I sat down next to some dirt and proceeded to use my water bottle to make some mud in the hopes that packing it on the afflicted area of my foot would alleviate the pain. Doing so did offer some initial relief, and I managed to hobble over to the bookstore. 

Once in the bookstore, I had to wait in a horribly long line for my books. The entire time, the pain in my foot continued to build. By the time I finally reached the end of line, I was fighting back tears from the burning agony in my foot. 

Prior to starting my next class, I was huddled in the corner of a bathroom, frantically searching the web for tips of how to treat a wasp or bee sting. Something I read led me to believe that wrapping my foot in something damp would help, and so I half hopped over to the paper towel dispenser and proceeded bandage my foot in wet paper towels as best I could.

All of this culminated in me pathetically limping into class (that had about 20 people total), half-crying, with a wet wad of paper towels trailing from my sandal. I'm sure I made a stellar impression.

Luckily, the wet paper towels seemed to work, and my foot went from "excruciating" to merely  "painful," enabling me to limp about the rest of my day more or less semi-normally.

So my advice to you, dear Reader, is to heed the many signs to abstain from walking across the grass. You also might be interested in reading these questions of old that give advice for freshman.



Dear you,

One of my favorite parts about BYU was taking as many fun classes as I could. In addition to doing the whole music minor, I took a dance class, an astronomy class, a writing class from Brandon Sanderson, a Swedish literature class, a programming class, an organ skills class, a bell tower playing class, and the list continues.

Spend a good long while getting very familiar with the class schedule, and keep track of any and all classes you want to take. Looking at the available minors could give you some ideas as well. You could do a whole minor, or just take the intro class for several minors.

As for funny stories, this is one of my favorites.



Dear Newbie,

Just click the "I'm Board!" button.



Dear VE,

Take care to avoid the shambling man of the JFSB. 

You'll know him because he's a man that shambles. 

-Frère Rubik